Hello people!

I’ll be in Nepal between May 6th and 23rd. It’s not long enough so that I can do the whole Annapurna trek, but I’m still looking at my options – whether doing it halfway or doing a shorter one. I’d like to trek for something like 7-10 days, and open to many options although I’m not looking into Everest Base Camp. If anyone is interested in sharing the road or part of it, would be fun! I’m def on a budget so anyone who relates to the above is welcome to contact me :).



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  1. Hi Marjorie- Greetings from Kathmandu/Nepal !

    Excluding 6th in and 23rd out still you will have 16 days and if you separate 2 days for Kathmandu and 2 days for Pokhara you will have 12 pure days for absolute trekking ,

    So you can think of Annapurna Circuit but excluding side treks like Ice Lake , Lake Tilicho,

    If not you can go comfortably for Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Langtang Trekking.

    If you think of going ABC or Langtang Trek let me know Maybe I love to join you, if Im free at that moment.

    I’m a certified tourist guide/city guide and certified trekking guide but a bit novice in Trekking that I was mostly involved on Rafting and Mountain Biking and after earthquake was working for humanitarian agency.

    So I love to do the trekking trails I’ve not been that later I can have absolute return back to Tourism.

    If you have any queries or if I can be of any help to you don’t hesitate to ask.

    Welcome to Nepal.

    Cheers !

    Best Regards,
    Sagar Subedi

    • Thanks Sagar 🙂 well noted

  2. Hey there Marjorie,
    I’m really hoping to do a trek in the Annapurna region but looking to join forces with fellow trekking buddies…
    Saw your post & thought I’d drop you a line as our dates are similar.
    I finish a volunteering stint on the 9th April in Chitwan, after this could head to the trek starting point (Pokhara?). I then font need to be back in katmamdu until the 23rd so have 10-12 days for a trek.
    Let me know what to decide. Oh & always on a budget! Ha.

    • Hey Laura! This actually sounds good, we would indeed have similar dates. I’m sending you a private message on this website 🙂

  3. I finish 9th May (not April!)

  4. Hello! I am in the same boat as you Marjorie. i am in kathmandu looking for a 10 day trek – thinking to leave sunday(possibly monday). considering part of annapurna or langtang.

  5. Hello,
    I’m from Jordan, currently in Kathmandu and I’m flighing back to Jordan on the evening of May 15th. Want to do some hiking in the Annapurna region so will go get the hiking permit for the Annapurna today hoping to head to Pukhara tomorrow morning, if anyone is interested to join please let me know 🙂