My name is Aloysius and I am looking at heading to Nepal to volunteer and trek this June. While I am an experienced volunteer and have volunteered overseas, I have not had much experience trekking. As such, I was wondering if there was anyone whom were looking at heading to trek EBC in early June and is open to me tagging along. Do let me know! Thanks!



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  1. Hi Aloysius!
    I’m looking at heading to EBC Trekking in late May/early June.Although not the high season anymore the period is the only available to me .I’m not so much experienced in long trekkings like this but I’m planning to do it independently . Would be good a trekking partner to share the experience… I will have some days in Kathmandu to buy some gear and find possible partners in late May.We can chat about it if you want…depending on the weather i can change my plans and start the trekking in June.

    • Hi Jefferson! Are you planning on doing it without porter and guide? And are you planning to trek in or fly?

    • yeah!totally independent !To reach Lukla I think i ‘ll fly but still undecided about it.

    • alright, have you fixed your dates? and found anyone else?

    • well,buddy…I want to be in Nepal between May 20 and 25.I’m travelling through south east Asia right now and I didn’t found anyone until now.Whats your plans?If you wanna come along …you’re welcome!We just have to decide the details…

    • I pm-ed you 🙂

  2. Hello Gentlemen,
    I arrive in Kathmandu early on May 25th and plan on flying to Lukla on 26th. I’ll be in Nepal until July 2nd. I already have my plane ticket so my dates are fixed. I plan to do the 3 pass trek which incorporates EBC. Don’t know how much time you plan on spending there. We can trek part of the way together if timing is an issue. Due to the oncoming monsoon season I’d like to get on the trail as soon as possible. Would you like to include me to your group?
    Thanks, Tom

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I am looking to trek to Everest base camp. I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 27 and looking to fly to Lukla on the 28th. looking to do a fairly short visit as i will work as Volunteer in Pokhara shortly after the trek.
    It would be great to get some travel companions if so only for a few days. Please notify me if you will be in the area of these dates and i be glad to walk a few miles with you!
    Best regards

  4. Hey Aloysius,
    I’m also heading to Nepal for volunteering and tracking. I’m currently in China and will arrive in Kathmandu on the 12th of June and would like to start a longer hike, preferable the Mount Everest base camp one pretty soon then, before I start volunteering.
    Do you have any concrete plans yet?

  5. HI Katharina,
    I arrived today and booked a trip for tomorrow. It would have been great to trek together but I need to get to Pokhara directly after.
    Best regards