i plan on landing in nepal on 23.4 afternoon. means ill go depart from kathmandu 24th or 25th morning.
ill be using bus/ express bus(if there will be seats left). to jiri. and walk my way to luka and EBC afterwards.
the trip to luka ill take around 3-4 days and way cheapter then taking airplan. plan on staying in guesthouses most of the trip or
maybe even all of the time. anyway im a bit flexible on my depart dates, and staying longer at some places to enjoy the nature around.

anyway not in rush, want to enjoy the trip as much as possible. love extrem and nature. and im pretty much organized and ready for the trip, wont be using guide mostlikely.



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  1. hey could be the sme plan for me! Would arrivie in Kathmandu on 22.4. and wanna start maybe 2 days later from Jiri. Let me know if we should join each other. u can contact me at fb aswell : mario de janeiro. or write me a whatsapp message: 004917696912960.
    saludos mario