I arrive in Nepal on the 28th of April in Kathmandu.
Looking to get some trekking in before it is too hot and hazy!

Not set on a specific trek or time or style or price, message me and we can talk if you are interested in joining up!



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  1. Hi Steven, I’m currently in Pokhara planning Annapurna circuit trekking. I will set off in the next 2-3 days and finish probably by the end of April or so. I was thinking of doing the Upper Mustang as well and am looking for company to share the guide costs etc. I read may is a good time to go there. btw, it’s already pretty hazy in pokhara, but hopefully it’s better at higher altitudes :). let me know if interested. cheers.

  2. Hi Steven and Ewa,
    I arrive in Kathmandu on the 25th of April. I’m looking for a trekking buddy! I was thinking of Mustang region or Gokya in Everest region.. let me know if you’re interested to team up!

    • Hi all, I’m currently in Kathmandu and am planning a trek of 10-15 days. Let me know if any of you are keen to join up.



  3. Hi everybody! I’m arriving in Kathmandu tonight; was dreaming about an Upper Mustang jaunt but I’m fancying the three passes through Gokyo and on to EBC as well. Looking at spending approx 2/3 weeks or so on the trail and keeping costs as low as possible, packing a 2 person tent for the trip. I have a some experience with multinight backcountey camping in the Rockies as well. Would love to have some company! 🙂


  4. Hey everybody! I’m currently staying in KTM in a homestay after returning from the Annapurna Circuit and I’m looking for trekking buddies to Upper Mustang. I’d like the Gokyo Lakes aswell even though my favorite would be Upper Mustang. The trek I did to Annapurna was a teahouse trek, I would be up for camping as well if anybody would share their tent with me 🙂 I’m very flexible with the dates, we could start on May 1st or May 8th, I don’t really mind since I’ve got a 90-days visa 🙂 hear from you 🙂

  5. Hello everybody!
    Im staying in Kathmandu at the moment,
    And Im looking for trekking-friends 🙂
    Im ready to start a trek within 1-2-3 or a bit more days…
    Its my first time in Nepal, and I dont have any special preference for a specific trek – because all the treks are beautiful !! 🙂
    Please let me know if I can join… 🙂