I’m heading to Nepal mid-april, not sure of the exact date yet, depends on flight prices. It’s my first time in the Himalayas, but I’ve done a fair bit of hiking. My budget is a bit tight, so I’m not planning on bringing a guide and probably starting my trek from jiri and ending it by flying out of lukla. Saves a few bucks on airfare.
I’d like to team up with at least one more person, mainly for the social aspect, but also for safety purposes. I’m not running marathons or anything myself, so relatively fit and keen on giving it a go is all I’m asking for.
The trek should be doable in 25 days, but if it takes longer, well, it takes longer.
Anyone keen?



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  1. I was looking to start the trek from lukla on the 19th with a friend of mine (maybe, shes not 100% right now), following an itinerary very similar to this with a couple days buffer added to the end:

    The timing could actually work out well if your walking from jiri on the 15th

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I’m going to be in KTM in mid-April, do you know your dates yet for flights? I’m definitely keen to do the three passes and have plenty of time for it. Cheers, Max

    • Hey mate.
      Nah haven’t booked my flights yet. MIght fly in early april now, depends on cheap flighhts, Have you booked your flights yet??

  3. Nope, haven’t booked my flights either. Flights seem to be cheaper after easter so I’m thinking of flying out then, so arriving at the end of March or the beginning of April. Does that work for you?

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I am also planning to do a longg trek in Nepal and the three pass trek is one of my options. Our dates almost match and I don’t like taking a porter/guide too.. I did the Inca trail without a porter (the only one in my group..but hey..most of the others were americans)
    Can you let me know what exactly are your plans? I am very flexible on time and miles covered per day.

  5. hey i have booked my flights for the 19 april- looking to start the trek around the 22-23 to april, if its fit you we can talk and plan

  6. Hey guys,
    I will most likely fly in to KTM on 23-24 of April, I cant make it earlier unfortunately. Im very flexible on the return date though. Im stoked to do the three pass trek or similar treks with any of you guys. Like Fiona, it would be my first trekking experience in the Himalayas but ive done a reasonable amount of trekking before.
    Liron, would those dates work out for you, could you push your start back maybe like two days?

  7. Hey there,
    I would also be very interested in doing this Trek. I am going to arrive in KTM on the 11th of April and would love to join.
    So far I have never been to the Himalayas but I am doing a lot of trekking and rock climbing in my free time so I would consider myself as reasonably fit. Have you fixed anything yet?

    • Hello Laura,

      Hi Laura,
      I arrive in Kathmandu on 15 April.
      I would like from the 16th april trekking in Himalayas.
      Seeking another Trekkingpartners.
      I look forward to your answer.