I’m making my first trip to Nepal in March of 2016, and am looking at the possibility of adding 1 trekking partner. My plan was always to trek solo, but having a fit, like minded trekker for a partner would be great and also safer especially when crossing the higher passes. Prefer someone who has not been to this region before. My departure date is quite flexible, but I would like to book flights by January 1st. I’ve no interest in hiring a guide at this time.



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  1. Hi David, I’m planning a solo trip as well around the first-second week of March. But since i’ve never been to Nepal before, i thought maybe it’ll be wiser to find a partner to start with. And decide whether to continue alone or together. If it suits you, let me know. I haven’t booked my tickets yet, will probably do it in the next few days. Keep me updated.
    Have a nice day!

    • Hey Jud. That sounds fine for me as well. I haven’t booked yet, but am also thinking mid March. Maybe the 15th or so. I will spend 1 night in Kathmandu before flying to Lukla, where I will spend 1 night for sure before heading on. I really want to go clockwise, as I’ve read the views are amazing, even though it’s maybe a tougher trek. I’m allowing myself about 25 days including all side trips. I will message you again once I narrow my flights down before I book one. Take care.

  2. Jud, I booked my ticket today. The price dropped so I grabbed it. I arrive in Kathmandu on March 17th, at 15:30. Let me know if that date works and maybe we could meet up in either Kathmandu or Lukla. Take care.

  3. Hi David, That’s great. Good for you 🙂
    I haven’t booked mine yet but i was aiming more for the second week of March, around the 9-13 because of my work. I’ll keep you updated if eventually i can get off around the same time as you.
    Take care.

  4. Hi, I am planning to do trip around middle of March as well. I am alone so far, therefore I would like to have some partners to go with.

    • Hello Stefan. As you can see from my previous conversations, I’m departing from home in Canada on March 15th, and arriving in Kathmandu on the 17th. Although I have not yet booked, I’m planning on flying into Lukla the next day, the 18th. I then have about 24 days to get back to Kathmandu to fly home again. At this time I am not interested in hiring a guide. 24 days should be enough time to do the Three High Passes trek safely, allowing for elevation, and so on. I’m hoping to do the trek clockwise from Namche. I have maps of the region, as well as the full coordinates for my trip on my GPS. A trekking partner would be great. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and we can discuss it further. Take care.

  5. Hey, it does sound good. I am not that well prepared yet as you are. I am currently in the mode of preparation, reading up etc. I will definitely let you know asap when I buy ticket.

  6. Hey guys, I just booked my ticket today, will be arriving Kathmandu on the 16th at 11:35. Do you think i should prebook a hotel/guesthouse?

    • Hello Jud. I would book your first night for sure. You can arrange for your hotel to pick you up at the airport as well. Most will offer this service. I booked my first night as well, and booked my flight to Lukla. That way you know you have your first nights stay booked after a long travel. Since we are arriving in Kathmandu only a day apart, we may be able to meet in Lukla before setting off.

  7. Thanks, that’s a good idea. Btw, i’ll probably stay two nights in Kathmandu before flying to Lukla so i guess we can meet up in Kathmandu or on the flight to Lukla. I’ll buy my flight ticket to Lukla when i arrive in Kathmandu. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I’ll arrive to Kathmandu on 14 March and stay 4 weeks. My plan is to start classic EBC trek (Jiri – Namche) to acclimatize and than continue Three passes trek (depends on weather/physical condition).

    • Hello Lukas. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. As Jud mentioned, we are meeting in either Kathmandu on the 17th, or Lukla on the 18th. I’m not sure if we’ll be in Lukla for 1 or 2 days. Depends on how we feel I guess. So let’s see what happens. Good luck on your trek from Jiri.

    • Hello David, thanks for information, but according to my itinerary I should be in Jiri on 16th. Sure, maybe I will catch you somewhere above Namche Bazaar. Btw are you going counterclockwise or clockwise from Namche? Good luck and see you soon 🙂

  9. Hi Lukas,
    I’ll be arriving on the 16th and flying to Lukla on the 18. I’ll meet up with David either in Kathmandu or Lukla and start the trek together. If it suits you, we can all meet up. let us know. 🙂

    • Thanks Lukas. Good luck to you too 🙂

  10. Hello Jud,
    Thanks for info, but I would like to start trekking from Jiri. If I get lucky, I will catch you somewhere above Namche Bazaar. Good luck and see you soon 🙂

    • Hello Lukas. The plan is clockwise. Good luck. Be safe.