Haven’t decided the destination yet, but ACT is the most probable. I want to trek around for 14-18 days in January. Bit chilly, I know, but great views at the same time. I hope to find someone to share costs and my first Nepalese experience with!

Arriving to Kathmandu: 16th January – Leaving 4th February. Ready to go to Besisahar and start trekking: 17th January 🙂



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  1. Hi Reka,

    I’m doing the Annapurna Circuit Trekk this September (hopefully), with my brother. Though we have a plan for Feb/Mar 2016, but ACT won’t be in plate. do let me know if you decide on any other trail.


    • Hi Rathin,
      thanks a lot – I’m still thinking on treks and I’m really open to any other ideas but I can only go from mid-January till beginning of February, 2016. How flexible are you concerning the dates?
      keep in touch anyway!

  2. Hey Reka I’m flexible with dates as I’m going to be in Nepal/India trekking/climbing from nov 2 till march 15 2016.

    • That’s great Jay, thanks! as soon as I have more concrete plans, I’ll share it here! (in a few weeks!) 🙂

    • Hi Jay , I have planned for Chandrashila Trekking ( India ) on first week of April 2016 . Please let me know if you able to plan accordingly.

  3. Hi Reka I will be there same time I have lots of time but small budget too. I have been to nepal before. I have a trip request on this page so have a look and see if you think it might work out

  4. Hi Reka (and everyone else). I’m planning on being in Nepal Jan/Feb. Dates are flexible. Would love to join forces on an ACT trek if it comes together.

    I’m also open to Manaslu, although not sure it’s possible given the time of year and the effects on the region from the earthquake.


    • Hi Lorelei!
      I’m planning on being in Nepal Dec/Jan. I’ll be spending most of December with friends but they will be heading back to the US Jan 5. I’d like to leave for a trek shortly after but am fairly flexible on the date. I plan on leaving Nepal the end of January.

      I would definitely be interested in an ACT trek or the Manaslu trek. Do you have any more concrete plans now? What does your budget look like? We should talk more if you’re serious about going!


    • Hi Lorelei,

      I might be a little late seeing your post, but I plan to do the ACT on what sounds like the same time as you and perhaps Mike. I have no concrete plans but am thinking of heading off on the 8/01. If either of you are interested in joining up I would be happy share the experience.


    • Hi Lorelei,

      Just wondering if a group has formed. If so, I would love to join and tackle Annapurna with you guys! I’ll be in Nepal from the 12th onwards. Let me know! Thanks!

  5. Hi Mike. Things are definitely starting to come together. I shot you a note separate from this chain with the details to-date. Let me know if you don’t get it.

  6. Hi! I’m arriving in Kathmandu January 17th, and leaving the 5th of February – everything in between is undecided, but I’ve been looking at Annapurna Sanctuary and Annapurna Circuit.. Would love to meet up with someone there! It’s my first time to Nepal 🙂

    • Hi! That sounds just great! Same here! Let’s talk about details 🙂

    • Hello everyone..i’m planning for nepal definately in january and wanna do some trekking with interest in interacting with local villagers and to do local sight seeing as well…anybody interested…plz reply or pm

    • i’d be keen to meet you!!

  7. Hello from the West Coast of Canada, Ill be arriving on the 14th of Jan and would love to find a trekking partner. I have three months in Nepal so Im super open and flexible. I have heaps of experience and the gear to keep me comfortable while trekking the mountains in winter! will anyone be in Kathmandu and up for meeting up around the 15th ???

    • sure there will!

  8. Hi Reka & everyone else, my plans and dates are also more or less the same so it’d like to join. I arrive in Kathmandu January 16th and want to head straight away to the Annapurna Circuit for a solid 12 days (Besi Sahar – Jomsom). Would love to cross the Thorung La mountain pass (9th day on the circuit) but does anyone know if it’s open now? Lonely Planet says it’s snowbound and thus tends to be closed Jan-Feb. It’s my first time in Nepal and I’m struggling to find info on Thorung La. Anyway, I’m willing to meet up with interested trekkers Saturday afternoon in Kathmandu. Let me know if you’re also interested.

  9. Hey guys!

    I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit in mid January. I will be in Nepal on January 12th and will spend approximately 4 or 5 days I’m Katmandu and Pokhara before starting the trek. My plans are flexible and would love to join anyone or any groups who are starting around the same time.


  10. Hello Raymond and Carlos,

    I arrive in Kathmandu on the 15h, Sofie and Reka arrive on the 16th and 17th and we hope to depart for Besisahar on the 18th. We three are confirmed and I believe we are splitting the cost of a guide and possibly a porter to lighten our loads. I dont know our exact itinerary off hand but believe we have to be back in Kathmandu around the 3rd/4th of Feb. I arrive next Friday and would be keen to go for coffee to discuss things further. if you interested in joining us (i think the other other ladies would be keen) private message us your email address and we can keep you in the loop.

    • Hello Danielle,

      I am really keen to join you guys on the Circuit Trek! I will find out today if I am able to (and if you would be happy to have me join!) go time wise but I think I can.

      I have been in Nepal for 6 weeks and have already done the Manaslu Circut & Tsum Valley and thought I was all trekked out but it turns out I’m not! I wasn’t planning on using a guide but perhaps with the time of year going over the pass it would be good to have one. Either way I can recommend the company I (+4 others from this site) used for Manaslu: Apex Himalaya.

      I’ll private message you my email and be in contact in 3-4 hrs, hope that’s okay.

      Oh, I’m in Kathmandu at the moment as well.


    • Hi Danielle and others,
      Good news! I’ve just heard from several trekking agencies that the gorgeous Thorung La mountain pass is still open. Thus, we can make the loop of the Annapurna circuit. Snow in winter could close it down.
      Danielle, did you receive my private message? I’m new on trekking partner and not sure whether I send you the message properly. Just in case, I’m arriving in Kathmandu Sat 16/1, staying in Thamel and willing to go for coffee to talk things over.
      All the best,

  11. Hy everyone!
    Just arrived in Kathmandu. I was planning to do the Annapurna Circuit. No dates fixed yet but as soon as posible cos my visa expires in one month time. Just signed up here and found out there are plenty of u guys willing to experience the same. Still need to get the permits and some warm clothes since i come from India…:). Are u still planning to head to Besisahar next tuesday 19th???

    • Hey carlos, im staying at a hostel called alobar in thamal. Reka is meeting me soon to go iver details and sofia arrives tomorrow. U should come to our hostel or we can arrange to meet somewhere. We need to pick up a few last things too! Ill wait for ur reply.

  12. Hi Danielle, just arrived in kathmandu. Psyched to be here but also quite tired from the flight. Why don’t you private send me your number so we can fix a meeting place this evening through whatsapp? Else, just suggest a place let’s say around 18h. Best, Carlos

  13. Hello,
    I just arrived in Pockara this afternoon and went to the Anapurna park office to get some information. Apparentely there is still no snow on the Anapurna circuit and I am thinking on giving it a try if I can find some partner (s).
    I see that you guys are planning to start on Tuesday. Could I join your group?

  14. Hi jerome, we are taking a bus to basasihar tomorrow and starting the trek from there. U can join us there are now six of us. U would have to take a bus to basasihar though. We are doing the trek counter clockwise. I will check my email again by morning. Ttysoon

  15. Hi guys, managed to get to Tal today. Happy to give you an update of the trail so far: weather’s Good so far but predictions vary (some predicts snow/rain), the trail can be tiresome here and there (check weight) but beautiful everywhere and we’re all alone in the park! Could we maybe form a whatsapp-group? It’ll make our feedback and communication easier/faster with the weak occasional wifi here. I’ve already added the other Carlos so give me number (and activate whatsapp-app with it) if you want to be in the loop. Good luck, Carlos