Want to do a partial Annapurna circuit hike (IDK how to, but I’ve heard people have done it) since I only have about a week of hiking time.

Anyone interested or knowledgeable about this – please let me know!



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  1. Hi Craig,
    Nice to meet you, I am Floriane, from France. I would like to do 10-12 days of trek in Nepal. I arrive the 5th of September in Kathmundu, so maybe we could start the trip together ! How many days are you staying in Nepal ? Are you planning to hire a guide or not?


    • Hello Floraine,

      I fly out if Bangkok on Sep. 18 so I just need to make sure I can get there in time.

      I didn’t plan on hiring a guide or anything – I’ve heard the treks I’ve looked into are extremely well-marked and almost impossible to get lost.

      I also want to spend as little money as possible – only food and lodging.

      Let me know if that still sounds like something you’re interested in!

    • Floraine,

      Are you still arriving the 5th and wanting to trek? I’m looking to go round the same time for around 2 weeks. Just need to be in Sri Lanka the 23rd. So if you are still looking for someone to walk with, please email me and we can discuss it:)

    • Helo Floriane,

      Iwill also arrive of the 5th of September in Kathmundu and wanted to ask if You are still interested in doing the track.
      I will probably stay in Nepal for three weeks but I think it would be nice to have some company at the start of my adventure.

      Greetings Benjamin

  2. i can join u if im on time there.

  3. Hello i am adham , i am currently at pokhara and planning to do short annapurna also (flying home from katmandu on 18th september) , and i would like to join if its possible . Planning to do with guide ?.