Looking for some travel buddies for nepal next feb\march to do some treks ect, preferably no guide and carry own bag to keep costs low as possible. No real plans as of yet. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.





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  1. Stu,
    Do you know what treks are possible to do during feb?? I am really looking forward to trek in the himalayas in feb 2016 like the dhaulagiri circuit trek. If you have more informatio please let me know! Greetings from Chile.

  2. JD
    if you want dhaulagiri circuit trek .mach is not bad but april is best time for trek


  3. If anyone puts together a dhalaguri trek let me know. I’ll be in Nepal mid November to mid may. I want to hike get Kanchenjunga to three passes then dhalaguri . I can do these treks in any order. Weather permitting I have a lot of time. Please let me know. Cheers, j.c.

    • Hey JC,

      I just made a post for my 3 passes trip in Mid-March if that fits with your plans.

  4. Hi, I’m planning to visit Nepal in February and stay for a month or two. Keen to join a trek or an expedition. I’ve got a bit of experience, done Annapurna trek year ago. Let me know if you’re planning to do something during that time!

  5. Hi Stu (or anyone else),
    I am interested in an adventure, no tourist ventures.
    I have never been to Nepal or travelled far from my continent (North America- which i have travelled extensively) but what better introduction than Nepal? Admittedly I haven’t summited anything over 14,000 but undoubtfully am capable. I am more of a bushwacker. Ill be alone in the country (as alone as anyone can be in Nepal)for the month of February. I am very open. I could meet you to talk logistics as early as February 2. I am also a Class 4 kayaker so if that fits in with anyone else’s plans let me know.

    phone:209-720-6498 usa

    • Hi Brianna,
      I just arrived in Kathmandu and I wanna start hiking in February and I’m still looking for a hiking partner.
      You’re also interested in the Annapurna circuit trail?

  6. Hi Stu, I’m in Nepal 3rd March to 7th May and would like someone to trek with on Manaslu circuit, Tsum Valley, and Naar Phu. I’ve just put a post up. We would need a guide (but then I think you need one for a lot of the really interesting places). I plan to go on and do the AC and ABC but our visits to Nepal might overlap enough for us at least do these bits that do need a guide, together. Like you I intend to carry my own bag and keeps the costs down.

    Cheers, Tim.

  7. I will be in Nepal for three months and have a couple treks planned but Im super flexible and want to start organizing a few more. Keep me in the loop!

  8. Hello,
    I would like to do the trekking Everest Base Camp with Gokyo lake but from Jiri. I will start around the 10th of February.
    I am travelling since april 2015, so I have a small budget: no guide, no porter. I have time to do this trekking, i want just enjoy the way, the landscape and share with local people. Follow me ! ☺

    • hi to everybody. i’ll finish Annapurna circuit trek on 8th of march in ktm. then would like to begin properly this trk in gokyo lakes. i’ll like to know about the duration of this trek. bye.

    • Hi Alizee,
      I am interested in the trek that you described and available to start on 10/02. Are you based in Kathmandu? Would you like to meet and discuss the plans?

  9. Hi Guys!
    I am looking for some buddies to do a great trek in Nepal too. I am arriving in KTM 1st of March 2016 and I am leaving 9th of April. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is my first preference, but when you can change my mind with a good idea, please let me know! 🙂
    Let’s see if we can do a trek all together?!
    Cheers Wouter

    • HI WOUTER! thinking about doing some treks in March also. have you figured out your plans?

  10. Hi !
    I come back in Kathmandou today. ( sorry i hadn’t internet)
    Still interested ? I have already a trekking partner with me but you can join us !
    The meeting is the 8th and we will go the 10th to Jiri.

  11. Yes, I am interested. Where and when on the 8th? Can we meet in the evening? Could you email the details to my email? Do you have the nepali phone no at which I could contact you? Regards, Agne

  12. I have just your answer, now ! Mi facebook is alizee demely, ask me and i will give the phone number of mi partner. We had already bought the ticket to shivalaya at the bus station ( ratna bus) we go Tomorow at 8am.

  13. If you want, you can eat with us tonight ( 9th) the meeting is at 7h30 PM in my hotel : comfort hotel and restaurant Thamel chowk !

  14. Sorry, its a bit late notice so I already made other plans! But best of luck with your trek, enjoy yourselves and take care!