Hi! I am planning to come to Nepal on April 10-11 for an Annapurna Base Camp trekking. I am open to other routes but I will stay in Nepal for 15 days only. I am not sure if I will hire a guide/porter. It is my first time trekking.



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  1. Hello, Elena!!!
    I am brazilian…and am still deciding if I will do or not the Annapurna Base Camp trekking…
    It would be my first trekking too!!!
    Do you have any more detail/information to help me decide?!?!

    PS.: My english is… just okay for comunication!! Hehe

  2. Hi Talita, I will be in nepal on Apr 11 and plans to start my trekking next day. I Weill do out independently. When are you planning to come? I may change to a different trek of similar duration and complexity. But I don’t plan to hire a guide.

    • Hi, Elena!!
      I am already in Nepal.
      i am curious about not hiding a guide/porter… specially being your first trek (mine too)!!
      What trek are you considering to choose instead of this one??
      Sorry for my english…its too early in the morning!!

  3. Hi elena i am Rupak, and i am Nepali. I am taking leaves for treeking from april 11th. I am also looking for a independent trekking. This is also mine first trek and i am also planning to trek the same annapurna trek.we are two friends. Should we join?? We are also just looking for the trek partner.

  4. Hi Elena, i would be interested in going with you! I’m currently in Pokhara, are you in Nepal now?
    – Lea

    • Hi Lea, I am in pokhara in trekkers lodge. We r starting tomorrow with as couple of other people.