Me and my father are planning a trek in Lower Dolpo (Nepal) in August 2015
The trek will be probably 14-16 days long. The trek will contain reaching
5000m height. We are going to hire a guide.The cost of hiring a guide and local transport will probably be around 1100 USD/person (flight ticket and food not covered). We will secure food and accomodation by ourselves.

I have proposals of securing guide,local transport and required permits from three agencies right now. I am looking for 2-4 more people to the group.

We are from Czech Republic. We can speak english on quite good level and we can also speak german and russian a little bit (more passively than actively).

We are looking for some friendly and reliable people who are able to undergo
the journey because the cost of guides etc. is steady. So the more the people
the cheaper it will be for everyone because the costs will split among us.

Have a nice day. Looking forward to travel with you! 🙂

Jiří Kobera

Czech Republic


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  1. Hi Jifi,
    Is it going to be a guest house trek ? I thought that lower Dolpo is camping trek. USD1100 includes one return local flight and the fees for the guide? Am I right? I think about doing Dolpo or Humla this year but considering the earthquake , the cost of the camping trek and difficulty finding partners can not make decision. I can join you ,if you don’t mind my company but need to know more about the itinerary. Natasha

  2. Hello,

    Is your trip to Dolpo confirmed ? Is it still possible to join ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,