I am a 26 yr. from Wisconsin. I would like to find a traveling buddy, buddies for trekking traveling or what ever time permits. I have a small window of time. This is my first time traveling to Nepal, it’s kind of a side trip off my Thailand Laos trip. If I could squeeze in a trek that would be grate.



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  1. Hi Josh,

    I´m Enrique from Spain I´ll be in Nepal without destination between the 3rd and the 14 th o April so I can do a short trek. Helambu, Lantang or ABC wich is my preference. I´ve searching and I think it´s posible to do it in 8 days from Pockara. I´d prefer do the trek indendently. I´m going to do it in Everest Area in a few days.

    If you are interested please let me know



  2. That sound like it would work. I am traveling in Thailand, so I don’t always have internet! And by in large bad at communication. So if you don’t mind tell me when and where. And if I need to do any thing before I arrive. Thanks… Josh

  3. Hi,

    I´ll arrrive to KTM the 2nd of April. And I have to return home the 14 th at night. Wich dates are you arriving to KTM?

    Lantang or Helambu can be done from KTM. Annapurna Base Camp from Pockara. So we can meet in one of this places

    We have to take permits but it can be done in KTM or Pockara. Besides, if you don´t have equipment (clothing for trek….) you can rent or buy it cheap in KTM or Pockara too

    Next two weeks I´ll be like you with problems of communication en Everest area

    Keep in touch and enjoy your trip!

  4. I arrive on the 1st of April. And yes I will need to pickup some gear. It would be nice to meet up in KTM. Are you booking a place to stay on your first day in KTM? If so where would that be? Thank a lot. Josh

  5. Hi Josh,

    I´ve booked with Hostelworld in Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse the 16th of April so I´ll return there the 2nd of April. But I haven´t booked it. I´ll do it there directly. My flight from Lukla to KTM is the 2nd in the morning. I hope not having cancellation or delay, it´s posible.

    You can find everything in KTM. However it´s difficult to find boots. Maybe you have ones with you.
    Any preference about the trek?
    For ABC we need more time because we have travel from KTM to Pockara (7 hours by bus or half an hour by plane). I´ve researching and it´s posible to do it in 8 days (5 going up and 3 going down)
    Helambu is the nearest to KTM,a cultural trek visiting with villages… Lantang is farther so in this case I´d prefer ABC.
    But I´m open.

    My email is enriquebuenosancho @ for having a more quick communication

    Keep in touch


  6. The ABC sound grate. I have some hiking shoes that I have used before, will see. I am assuming that we will meet up at madhuban guesthouse on the 2nd, or somewhere els?

    I will try and keep in touch, last day with internet for a little pit.

    My email