Looking for 10-17 day trekking trip to everest base camp. I’ve done moderate trekking adventures but am looking to challenge myself + have some company !



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  1. i,
    Me and my best friend both university students will be doing Mt Everest base camp around the 20th of jan-5th of Feb. We have both done alot of research and have decided that we will be doing it without a tour. We would possibley like to hire a guild/porter. We realize that this time of year is winter but it also has fantastic weather and dressing warmly should be able to conquer this. By skipping out on a tour of 1600$ for 14 days that does not include food. we have estimated the trip to cost $500-$700 for food,shelter and permits. This estimation is on the high side and we doubt that it will come close to this. I am a paramedic student in my last year and feel confident that I will be able to recognize signs and symptoms associated with altitude sickness. SOOOO the real question is would like to join us for a trip of a lifetime with two crazy fun Australian girls

  2. Hi there, I’m looking to join a group around beginning of Feb/ end of Jan is ok I suppose (have been told Jan is bad weather ). In the same boat as you in terms of trekking experience. Oh and from Australia doing some yoga teacher training at the moment so looking forward to some adventure trekking following this.

  3. Hi!

    When do you arrive to Kathmandu?

    I’m in Kathmandu now and hoping to find some companions for the ’ three passes trek’. This more adventurous trek rewards you with better views than the straight route to EB, although the trail includes it too.

    Is your time frame flexible ?

    I have met with a really reliable guide and he says it is going to be challenging but the pass is open.

    Would you be up for the challenge?

    The guide cost is $20 per day. So we would split that @ $10 each. Cheaper if we get more people…,

    There are various routes we can take to fit into your time frame.

    Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk some more. It’s set to be an incredible trip!

    Cheers, josh

  4. Hey there im in darhan almost ready for a trek and looking for some partners also. My plane back is the 28th

  5. hi namaste its me lamsal i am freelance trekking guide if you interested i can give you company as guide i will give you best service an cheap price i am doing this since 2007 an i alwayas take my own clients any way 9813215090 its my nmbr if yo like to call please let me know soon looking forward
    all the best