Traveling to India for business but taking a side trip to nepal for fun. Planning to be in Pokhara on April 23rd and do poon hill hike starting the 24th. Would like to complete the circuit in 4 days. Thinking I should get a guide but Id rather it not just be me and the guide so would be great to do the trek with a couple more folks. Im from Vancouver, Canada and am 30 years old.



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  1. Hi…I can fly in Kathmandu on the 24….any chance to start it a day later? I am fit and probably could do the hike two days up and one down. I was hoping to do another hike in the region on the fourth day.

    • Hi Krystal, sorry for the slow reply, been in transit to India. I have a little bit of flexibility with the days since i don’t leave Nepal till the 29th so I could push the start one day (i.e. start hiking on the 25th). However, i don’t think i would want to shorten the hike to 3 days since a lot of people do it in 5 and i’m already cutting it down to 4. Let me know what you think.

  2. Hi Ty
    This is pradeep. I am looking for a trek that lasts for 4-5 days. I would like to join you. Can you please tell me about the overall budget required.

    • Hi Pradeep,
      I haven’t set a budget yet but was going to at least hire a guide which i think runs from around 20-30 USD a day. Probably need a taxi out there as well which might be another $15-20 USD based on things i’ve read. Outside of that I wouldn’t think there would be too many other shared costs. I wasn’t planning on hiring porters.

  3. Ty,
    Good to hear you and others are heading out around the 23rd.
    I’m planning to taxi out of Pokhura and hike to Tikhendunga, spend one night and then up to Ghorepani the next day.
    I’m fit but have 20 years on you, so may be a bit slower. Looking forward to having a partner, partners if all works out.
    Feel free to call or text my cell if you want.

  4. Hi Mark, I was actually planning on starting on the 24th (i’ll be in Pokhara on the 23rd though). I see you have another trip posted for the same time period but was going to do 5 days instead of 4. I’d do the 5 day trip but am only in Nepal for a week and want a couple days to wander around some other places so was hoping to complete the circuit in 4 days.

    I wouldn’t worry about the age gap, would be more than happy to hike with ya if you’re interested in joining.

    • Ty,
      Leaving on the 24th with a guide would be just right for me.
      A friend of mine has noted that on the lower stretches, you can get lost if you don’t pay a lot of attention. Also, it would be great to have a native speaker for figuring out lodging/food.
      Have you hiked the Himalaya before??? Not me, but many great places.
      As I noted in my bio, I plan to spend a few days up at Ghorepani and probably hike half way down on the 28th…so you might be alone on part of the way down.
      What a great adventure!!! So excited to wander through this culture/landscape.

    • Sounds great Mark. I’ve been emailing a couple places to see about guides so will try to get it straightened away before arrival but based on what i read probably pretty easy to arrange in Pokhara as well. Basically, want someone to help show the way and help locate lodging.

      I haven’t hiked in the Himalayas before so will be a first for me. If you end up staying for a few extra days in Ghorepani that would be just fine, we can split up from there.

  5. Ty,
    Sounds good. My friend has used guides/sherpas that he was very impressed with. The text below is the email I received from him this morning. What do you think?
    Namaste Mark,

    Thanks for your e-mail.

    It is good to know that you are doing poonhil trek before you meet Michael in pokhara.

    It is okay to find lodges in trek, however for your safety, comfort and for information upto date, it is highly advice to take a guide cum porter( guide will carry your 10kgs weight too). guide/porter is very much highly reccomend and you will get support as well as you will be safely trek around and know something from them.

    It cost just US$ 40 per day for guide/porter service. You just pay yoursel for your meals and lodge yourself and guide/porter will pay his meals and lodge himself.

    I think you can hire guide/porter for 6 days. also I can arrange your trek permit at US$ 50( tims card plus Annapurna conservation fee).

    We can help you to find flight to pokhara or Luxury tourist bus to pokhara as well. Probably hotel in Katmandu or pokhara, any city tours?

    Anything you may need, please let us know, all prices are very very reasonable and real price and we will provide you service at best level we can.

    Look forward to hear from you again soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Pasang sherpa and Team

    • Hi Mark, is the 40 per day for a guide and a porter? I think that is pretty reasonable for two people given what I’ve read. I wasn’t planning on getting a porter but might change my mind. Were you planning on trying to arrange a guide yourself? I guess the one thing to think about is if we’re planning on splitting up at Ghorepani we would probably need two guides since i was planning on having one with me for the duration of the 4 day trek. I’m exchanging emails with two different guide services now so will have a better idea in the coming days regarding costs and logistics.

  6. So i got an estimate for the below from one of the popular trekking companies:

    “if you hire only the guide will cost $25 per day and if you want to take package this will cost $65 a day per person where your food, accommodation, transportation and guide charge is included. ”

    Also for 3500 rupees they will arrange all the permits and such. Thinking i’ll get the guide and have them help with the permits and then do the rest out of pocket (i.e. pay for my lodging and food on my own).

    • Ty,
      I’m flexible. I wouldn’t mind a porter to carry some of my weight, but I think I can handle it…
      My connection, to the best of my knowledge, was a guide who would also carry 10kg of stuff.
      If your company is reputable, then no problem. When you contact them, ask what the fee would be if the guide carried 10kg. That would be ideal for me.
      Regarding our different dates/routes. I am good splitting the cost and then you taking the guide on your way down before me. I’m sure I could hook up with another group or just solo it on the way down.
      Also: the permits and stuff. If you are doing it, then could I just piggy back on that since we would meet them together in Pokhura? I would pay you for permits when I meet you…and yes, I am very honest when it comes to money and my word… Let me know what you think.


    • Great Mark. I sent another email to the folks i’m working with and asked about if the guide could carry 10kg and also how much it would be for a porter in addition to the guide if we want to do that. Might actually work out if we took a porter and guide since when we split up the porter could stick with you and the guide could head down with me. I’m flexible on that though so we can figure that out when we meet up in Pokhara. Also sounds good about the permit, once i figure out what they need i’ll let you know. Feel free to to send me your email in the private message thing if you want me to loop you into the email chain at somepoint with the guide service.

  7. Ty,
    Thanks. Sounds great!
    I am not finding the “private” option, so perhaps you can send my your email via that link and then I can send you mine.

    • Perfect, i just sent you an email in the private message thing with my contact info (there is a little envelope link at the top of the screen that you should be able to access it). Also got a reply about the guide and porter which is below:

      “Yes your friend can join the trek and to here the porter will cost $22 and guide could help couple of kg not 10 kg of the luggage.”

      So sounds like porter might be the option since i believe the above means the guide would only carry a couple of kg (not 10) if i’m reading it correctly. So anyways, send me your info and i’ll get you looped in.

  8. Hi.
    I’d be up for this trip as well if that would suit.
    I’m going to be back in Kathmandu about the 21st and could be in pokhara any time after.
    I’ve never hiked in Nepal before so a guide would be good. I’ve a lot of experience back in NZ but things are a lot different here.
    I’m from New Zealand and am 39 years old
    My name is also Mark just to confuse things


    • Hi Mark, would be happy to have you join us. I was actually just in your country for a few weeks in December with my wife and we had a wonderful time. I’ll send you a private message as well with my contact info. Hopefully we can all meet up on the 23rd the day before the trek and then take off the following morning with the guide.

  9. Mark,
    Sounds good to me too.

  10. hi! I am arriving to kathmandu the 24th, and leaving from the same place the 29th at night. I am currently working in Delhi and taking a little break. I am 31, photographer and documentary filmmaker.

  11. Hi Ty, Mark, and Mark,

    I’m Taryn, and I’m a recent college grad who’s looking to do the same trek you’re doing, starting tomorrow the 24th. I’m actually still in Kathmandu but can make it to Pokhara tonight. Because another trek fell through, I actually have a great, recommended female guide who would probably be able to take a group. I was also going to hire a porter for my things, as I’m trying to train for Kilimanjaro, so carry the same amount of weight.

    I would absolutely love to be included in your trek if it works out, whether or not we can use my guide friend. If any of you have internet today, could you private message or email me with the details? I am fairly fit and eager to join in, but I know it’s last minute. I really appreciate you being in touch no matter what the outcome is!

    Best wishes,