Hello fellow trekkers!

My name is Caroline. I really love mountaineering, especially in Nepal. I plan on trekking Kachenjunga Base Camp in early May, with a 23 day total itinerary, and am looking for partners! I am seeking to hike the more strenuous Northern route, but this route is also more scenic! I have trekked the Annapurna Circuit here, as well as Nar Phu and Upper Mustang. I have also done a 6 week mountaineering and glacier traverse course in Garwal. I also hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. So I have some experience, and am open to anyone who wants to join, as long as they have some experience in altitiude and mountains, and are willing to trek at a moderate pace. I am looking for friends, company and buddies to join on this epic adventure! I am very easy going and tranqil.

Kachenjunga is restricted trekking area. So, to trek in Kanchenjunga, you need a local guide and at least 2 trekkers to collect necessary permits. I have been talking to a company that is offering us to pay 30 dollars a day for a private guide, including paying for his transport, which is 50 dollars or so each way. This is a good price, and the more people to join the trek, the cheaper for each of us to pay, as we would split the guide cost! This agency also recommends a budget for 25 dollars a day for each of us, plus transport and permit! Not bad. In the end the trek should cost less than 1,000 each.

Kanchenjunga in Nepal is graded as a strenuous trekking destination. This trek is difficult. By difficult, it means that you have to cross different mountain passes facing tough descends and ascends. Also, this trek is difficult because of the duration you have to invest in trekking. You will be walking through rural settlements for more than three weeks.

Kanchenjunga trek is a tea-house trek, so no camping gear is necessary.

Anyway, let me know if you want to join! Message me.



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  1. Hi Caroline, have you found any people for your trip. I may be interested. I’ve done 10 trips to Nepal before and half of Kanchenjunga, snow stopped us, so sort of have unfinished business with it.

  2. Hi, I am from Nepal. I have some experience of altitude and mountian. i have trekked Annapirna circuit, annapurna base camp, mardi himal base camp. I am also planning to go to kanchanjanga trek on may. My trekking duration is 20-25 days.
    So If you are interested, you can join with me.