Im planning a trip to Nepal this summer, june-july, and I would like to do a wee bit trekking while i’m there.
I have done monsoon trek in Nepal before (about 6 years ago) in the Langtang-Helambu area, and I have done some vulcano hikings in Indonesia, so i know some things what to be prepared for and such..

I’m looking for people to trek along with, or groups independently without guides or porters, and I would be pleased if anybody could come up with ideas where to go for a cool monsoon trek this summer in Nepal.

I have a dream about going to Manang Valley… Is that a good idea to go in june or july? And what is the cost and routes?

Another thing I hope someone could help me with –
I’m very interested in finding an orphanage, school, monastery or even a dogshelter or animal rescue, where I can volunteer, do social work.
I don’t wish to submit and pay for an expensive package incl. flight tickets, accommodation, guided trips, info, meals etc. online via an organization, I’d rather go around if that’s even possible nowadays.
Can anyone give me a heads up where to go and look? Any tips or experiences about social volunteering in Nepal would be much appreciated.

Hope to get some tips, ideas or matches from you guys out there:)



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  1. Hi Kia, might be contacting a little late, are you still interested in hiking while your here, Im in kathmandu now and looking at getting into the hills for a hike,
    booked my trip to Nepal at the very last minute, so i have nothing organised.
    Will be here for a few months and also looking at volunteering somewhere,
    Ive done the Annapurna circut once and the ebc trek twice, loved every second, anyways drop me a message if your looking for a trekking partner and maybe we can get something planned.