I am arriving in Kathmandu on October 13th. I want to trek the entire Annapurna Circuit Trek. I have a departure flight out of Kathmandu scheduled for November 19th so there is plenty of time to do the trek as quickly or slowly as needed. I have not done any high altitude trekking before, but am otherwise a very experienced backpacker. I plan to stay in tea houses along the way, and I know that having at least one other person to join me on the trek would help keep the costs lower for both of us since we could split rooms.

A little more about me – I’m 31, and American Sign Language-English interpreter from the eastern United States. I like photography, and will be bringing my professional camera gear with me. I travel very light, and am a morning person. I am friendly, and love to trade stories. I welcome people of any nationality, gender, religion, orientation, and background. I am bilingual in English and ASL, but regretfully am not conversational in any other language. I have no shame with using a language book to communicate with locals on our trek, however! I am Buddhist. I welcome people who want to join me to for an portion of the trek, though I think it would be really great to find someone who wants to navigate getting from Kathmandu to Porkha together. I hear it can be a bit of a challenge figuring out which bus to get on!



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  1. Hey there. I will be at the Kopan monastery from the 3rd to the 13th and then I plan to start the circuit trek Oct 14th. I want to finish by November 3rd/6th at the latest as I leave the 8th. I would love the company during the trek. I am like you in the aspect of being an avid backpacker, but I haven’t trekked above 2k (I go to 2k multiple times a day here on my home trails). I am an American as well and speak English. I took classes to get certified in ASL years ago, but never used it so I forgot most of it. Would be fun to trek with you and refresh my memory in our spare time. I would love it if we could get a few people together. Not looking for cost savings as much as safety in numbers. Let me know!

  2. Hi Monel and Connor
    I was planning to start 14 Oct too- but do not have time till Nov . About 10 days is what I thought to do it in — .
    Never been to Nepal, but excited
    Fairly fit, though not sure about altitudes

  3. Oh and I have been urged to get a guide and porter, but am frugal , hence I am here. A combined guide for the group I am happy to split. Will travel light, and hope to buy a backpack there . Land in KTM 12 Oct

  4. Hello Connor,
    are you still looking for a buddy?

  5. Hi Connor, I am currently in Pokhara looking to set out for the Annapurna Circuit in the next week. I am a 21 year old uni graduate from Bristol, England and am in the same situation as you in that finding someone to trek with will keep prices down and make obtaining trekking permits an easy task. If you have any interest in teaming up then let me know ASAP! Look forward to hearing from you