Hi everyone!
I’m trekking the AC from 20th-28th July with a girl I found on this website, is anyone else interested? 🙂



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  1. hi:)
    i was planning to do the Annapurna circuit in those days (more or less).
    i would be interested:)

  2. Hello !
    I am a 26 years old French girl.
    I would also be interested to do this treck. The ideal for me would be to leave earlier, it would be possible for you?
    See you soon

    • Msg me, I m also flexabl with date n time.. Let’s plan

    • Hi there Julie! I have to be back in Katmandu on the 30th July! which is you earliest date to leave? 🙂

  3. Hello guys 🙂 ! I´m a mexican girl.
    I´m also considering to do ACT in July !
    I´m available to start around 16th or I even can wait for some days.
    Hopefully we can manage to do it together 😀 ! What about your earliest starting dates ?
    Hope to see you all soon,

    • Message me, I m. Also the same

  4. I am keen to do either Annapurna or better still Manaslu. I will be in Nepal from the 24 June but available to hike from July 11 to July 24?

    • the 11th it might be very soon for me sorry! 🙁

  5. 30 year old Canadian here, also hoping to do the Annapurna Circuit if it isn’t too wet during monsoon season. I arrive in Kathmandu July 19 and leave August 10, and ideally I’ll head out pretty quickly to start hiking.

    • Hi there! I was thniking in doing either the Dolpo o Mnaslu part because of monsoon season! I´m willing to start the 21th july but I need to be back the 30th! How is that sounds to you?

    • Hi Adam,

      About being wet, supposedly the upper part of AC is in the rain shadow.

      We have similar dates, lets keep in touch if you are interested.

  6. Hola! Que tal?

    I am looking to do the same circuit, but I need to be back in Pokhara but the 30th of July for a retreat starting the 1St. Would you be willing to push your start earlier? Maybe around the 16?
    I am looking to keep it on a low budget.


  7. Hi Sanae,
    Have you fixed a date for starting the trek?
    Im available after the 30th of August. I’d love to a group as attempting the high altitude on my own i think might be a risk.

    • Hi chris for me the 30th August is impossible! sorry! Good luck 🙂

  8. Oh l, sorry. That was supposed to say the 30th of JULY. My bad.

  9. So sorry but at thatdate I have to be in katmandu again because I´m leaving the 1st! 🙁

  10. Hi there! I would love to join! I am a young woman traveling from US. I would love to do this trek but not alone. I would prefer to leave on 19th or 20th of July, when are you going? Let me know!! I need to be back 31st in Kathmandu. Best!

  11. Hello! I’m Javi, and I want to start the AC between 15 and 25 July. I see quite a few people here with whom we could match dates.

    Drop me a message if interested.

    • Sorry javi I just update the info about my trekking! We’ll be starting the 20th! If you are flexible you are more than welcomed!

  12. Hello Sanae,
    If you’re thinking of taking a porter then contact me. I speak english well.
    Thank you

  13. Hola Sanae,

    Im happy that you have updated your dates to start 20 July. In that case I will probably be able to join.

    But, do still need to flight from Kathmandu on 1st August? Because AC is not doable in 10 days. Maybe yes, if trekking 10-12hours per day, but still it is needed to keep aclimatization days, and any kind of trouble would make you lose your flight :(.

    Well, anyway, please lets keep in touch. You can reach me on WhatsApp on +34678854194.