Nepal – 12 days to trek. Open to suggestions for other treks!

I’m scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu on 13 January. Would like to do a 12 day trek somewhere in that beautiful country. I’ve been trekking in Nepal since 2004 so I’ve done all of the popular routes. At this point I’m looking at the Rolwaling Valley, Numbur Cheese Circuit or the Three Passes Trek. I am open to other possible destinations that could be done in 12 days. I’ve used a guide for all of my other treks in the Himalayas. But, I’m feeling a bit more adventurous and would like to try doing this trek independently. (I would still use a porter.) I prefer tea-house trekking (a lot less kilos to carry) but could be convinced to spend some days camping. I’m a very strong trekker and love to stop and enjoy the views! My start date is flexible within a day or two. My return flight is 28 January.



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  1. Hey Toby, nice to hear you are there during January. I was planning to do the EBC but happy to join you for the 3 pass trek or other exciting trekkings. I’m not sure about the condition of the passes, do you know if during January are accessibles? I have around 16 days so happy to join you.

  2. Hi Peter, It would be great if we could put something together. I’m not sure our time frames would allow us to do the 3 passes trek but something in the Everest region should be workable. I’m waiting for my contacts in Kathmandu to write me back with choices for trekking in the area in January.
    As far as winter trekking goes there’s a really good article on it by a blogger who goes by the name, “rdcomments”. Trekking Partners does not allow one to post other websites so you can put “Mid winter trekking in Nepal” into your search engine and it should come up near the top of the page. I trekked to Mera Peak in December 2013. That trek starts out in Everest region but goes a lot higher than the EBC trek. It was very cold but there was no rain and only a little snow.

  3. Nice article and sounds perfect for me, I think we could do the 3 passes trekk, another option could be do the Manaslu trekk, we would need a guide who could arrange the opening of some lodges during the winter…I’m quite busy until the end of next week. Let’s put something together and concrete things little bit more. But for me arrive on the 13th is a very good date.

  4. The guy I use as a guide/contact (his name is Gyan) wrote back to me this morning. He’s in India at the moment buying cooking fuel. (I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news but Nepal is in turmoil right now because India has stopped sending them fuel. India has done this because they’re unhappy with the constitution that Nepal ratified a few months ago. China has stepped up and is sending fuel over the few roads through the Himalayas. Of course it’s a much more difficult way to transport anything!) Anyway, Gyan is returning to Kathmandu late Sunday so he should be able to answer the questions I sent him by then.
    I’m good to try for the 3 passes. I read it takes a minimum of 17 days but I don’t mind if I have to turn around early. Manaslu would be great! I started the trek in 2012 but the snow got too deep and the trail was unpassable. We reached the village of Samagaon which was 2 days short of the pass. That was in March so hopefully January will be clear of snow. I hated not finishing the trek!

  5. I have 13 days in January around this time. I’d love to find more about joining up….. what are you guys planning?

    • We’re going to do the manaslu circuit trek. I did a second post about the trek on Trekkingpartners. You should be able to see right below this one. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have. I’m on a flight for the next 7 hours but feel free to write or send PS.