I have never been trekking before and am super excited to try it out! I was thinking of doing an independant trek without a porter or guide. Sticking to a prefixed route and sleeping in Teahouses along the way. I selected the Annapurna Circuit Trek but am completely open to any suggestions. I will arrive in Nepal on March 21. and spend the first two weeks on a farm just outside of Thamel. If anyone is interested I would love to meet up beforehand to plan /purchase a national park pass and figure out any other details!!! Honestly I am just looking for adventure and would be so stoked if anyone would like to Join!

Looking foreward to your reply!




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  1. Hi Maggie!

    I am also an inexperienced trekker planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit and I am hoping to keep costs down and go independent as well. I don’t arrive in Kathmandu until the 4th April though and I will likely want a day or two to get my bearings before starting the trek (this will also be my first long haul flight). So let me know if there is any flexibility with your dates – it would be great if we could work something out!


    • Omg! Hi Annie! Yes. not a problem at all. As I mentioned I will be staying at a farm. We could meet up in Kathmandu maybe around the 6th and spend a day or two planning before setting out? Where will you be staying in Kathmandu? For me the only issue is that I am leaving Nepal flying out of Kathmandu on the 24 of April so I would have to be back by the 23! I am so excited right now, I honestly didn´t think anyone would reply!!! If you want to you can add me on Facebook so we can figure out the details! Margaret Amelia is my fb name.


  2. Hi Margaret,

    I arrive april 2 in Kathmandu as the last destination of my backpack and i’m also planning on doing the annupurna circuit. It would be amazing to join you! Could you send me your contactdetails?


  3. Hi Maggie,

    I would like to start this circuit in early April (I am flexible on the starting date), independantly, for 2 to 3 weeks. I would be happy to join you, so please feel free to send me a message : )

    Btw I am Victor, 28, from France. I quit my job last month and I am now travelling (currently cycling in Europe).


  4. Hey, any more room for one more person?
    I’m arriving in Nepal sometime in the first week of April and I’m so excited to see all the mountains there!
    I’ve done quite a bit of hiking back home but nothing like hiking in the himalayas.
    I’m traveling around for about 5ish months through SE Asia and India for my gap year.
    Hope to hear back from you soon!

  5. Hi all,

    I am also looking to do the Annapurna trek early April on a budget but would happily consider others treks as I am fairly flexible. I arrive on the 29th. I imagine I need to give myself a day or two to get organised so could start from the 1st of April.

    Has this chat progressed in a trekking group forming yet ?

    Many thanks


  6. Hi all, I’m also keen for the anapurna circuit and am currently in Kathmandu. Have u developed any further with trekking ideas? I have a flight a little earlier on 21st ish so may scarper away earlier but am keen if people are trekking together and starting soonish. Please let me know what you all think. Thanks

    • I’m currently in Kathmandu and will be starting the trek (again) around the 5th. My friend had to be medically evacuated out of Manang on Day 7 of our hike and I’m keen to finish once she’s released and on a flight back home. I’ll have to get new permits as it’s single entry (total bummer), but I now have experience of the trek up to Day 7 of Manang! I would prefer to bus to Bhulebul and then take a jeep up to Tal or Chame, but am open to other starting points. I’m doing it without use of a guide or porter and have a flight out of Kathmandu on the 20th so it looks like we’re on the same time line!

  7. Hey Maggie! I’m in Kathmandu right now and planning to do this trek also. I love to hike back home in Canada, but I’ve never had an opportunity like this before! Let me know if you’ve still got room in your party.
    P.S. a farm in Thamel?! That’s rad.