I am looking to hike the Annapurna circuit leaving around mid feb-early march. I have a fairly open and flexible schedule. I will be leaving Nepal on March 26th so my window is about 6 weeks. Maybe looking to spend about 2-3 weeks out trekking the AC and/or some shorter treks elsewhere around Nepal. Unfamiliar with Nepal’s high country, I have spent the last 6 years living nomadically and mostly outdoors in the wilderness areas around the western parts of the states in all types of weather conditions and high elevations, so I am quite comfortable in the elements. I will be doing the trek/s without a porter and guide and would be potentially looking for someone or a couple people to do the walk with. I am open to change and flexibility in my route and hiking, start points, end points, etc. Let me know if you would like to join me. Look forward to meeting you. Blessings.



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  1. Hey Bobby, I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit around the same time as you! I‘d love to do it quite leisurely and have the time to maybe do some side treks and have enough time to acclimatize, get off the beaten track! I’m spending 2 month in Nepal and have a flexible schedule. It would be nice to maybe meet up and see if we want to do some trekking together if you are still looking for someone to join you? Right now I’m in Kathmandu!

    • Hey Johanna!
      That sounds great. I am still looking for some like minded folk/s to walk with. I would love to meet up once I’m in Kathmandu and talk plans, dates, check in, etc. where you planning on being Around anywhere for festival of colors/Holi?
      I also like the sound of leisurely pase. I live an active lifestyle, work outside, hike, walk, run, and all that jazz. I know when it is time for a push but equally important and favored I know when and how to take it easy and chill! I have spent months At a time backpacking in the wilderness areas around th US alone and with goat herders in the dessert southwest.
      I also have flexibility in my schedule and would be open to work something out if it seems to be a good fit for us! I’ll message you my email if that’s easier for contact otherwise this works just as well!! Peace!