Hi I am Sally, a 24 years old Taiwanese. I had a very short vacation but since people said October is the best timing to trek in Nepal, I decided to go. I will be arriving at KTM on the 13 th of OCT at night and my returning flight is on the 18th of OCT. So my time is really really limited.
However, I do wish to make good use of the limited vacation. I am a trekking beginner, I had no experience before so I would prefer easy to moderate trekking routes. (Most possibly Poon Hill)If you are also a solo trekker(or a small group of 2-3 people) who are looking for a easy trekking route, please lemme know maybe we can hire a guide together or share some useful information!

I am friendly, outgoing and easy to get along. Hope to find some trekking partners in my Nepal trip!




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