Hi – I’m a 31 y.o french girl who’s already experienced a few hiking trips in the Alps for instance. I’ll be in Nepal for the first time in October on a tight schedule and would love to make the most of it with a moderate/difficult trek.
I’d like to walk at a relatively moderate pace to enjoy the place and also like to keep some quietness from time to time, but appreciate the company of others for some daily evening talk and get to know each other.
If you recognize yourself in some kind of loose, but nevertheless sporty style/approach, please get in touch!

My schedule is pretty tight and hardly negotiable.
I’ll be in Kathmandu on Saturday the 14th of October and be looking forwards :
A – to depart right away for the Mustang trek, (flight to Pokhara on Sunday the 15th), joining an existing group or arranging the guide with at least one other trekker.
B- Go to the Langtang Valley as an independent trekker ( possibly departing Monday the 16th)

I have to be back in Kathmandu at night on Friday the 27th.( flight leaves next morning)

If you feel like building up a group for Mustang if you can offer to join an existing group, please contact me!



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  1. Natacha

    I would be interested in the Upper Mustang bit.

    But have you got time? if you go to Pokhara on 15, you get to Jonson on the 16th, 10 days walk to Lo Mantang & back = the 26th, + 2 days back to Kathmandu from Jomson = 28th….

  2. i have more time than you – so i would meet you at Jomson airport, having walked in.

    i should have introduced myself – i am Jonathan – a 43 year old brit, who has been to Nepal several times before..

  3. Hey Jonathan!
    Thank you for your reply!
    You’re right.. I am aware the schedule is tight,
    Isn’t possible to make the return Jomsom -Pokhara then Pokhara-Kathmandu in one single day?
    Is there only 1 flight/day from Pokhara as well?

  4. in my experience you can only make 1 flight a day – no connecting flights.

    this is because strong winds start at about 10 in the morning and this is pretty raw basic flying – small plane , big mountain .

    so i think you have to fly Kathmando to Pok one day & then next day to Jomson & the same in reverse.

  5. Hi Natacha,

    Are you still looking at doing this trek?

    Im looking to go to Mustang (Lo Manthang) about the same time as you…