Nature-Loving Trekking partner for Nepal

Hi there!

I am looking for a optimistic and interesting trekking partner to do a 4-10 day trek somewhere in Nepal, I haven’t figured out where yet. The trekk has to start and end between the 2nd and 22nd of may since i leave for Sweden the 27th

I like treks with alot of vegetation, preferably with a lake or some streams, not too hot (5C-10C/12C-24C night/day) and instead of walking too far during the days from place A to place B, i like to wander around at the camping spots or wherever we stop to rest and explore. But about 5-10 km a day in moderate terrain is ideal in my opinion.

Im easily socializing with new people of all kinds, but for this trip i’d prefer someone who shares my interest in Mother Earth and all of her beautiful creations. Someone who appreciate all living creatures from the smallest of insects to the largest of trees and also have an interest in discussing/philosophizing about it. Also someone who is optimistic, have good humor, likes to laugh alot and can do the best of every situation!

My budget for the trek is around 1500-2500 per day.

Im also very interested in staying/visiting at a “eco-village”, or some place with developed permaculture, so if anyone has any good tips for that id gladly appreciate it!

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  1. Hello martin, im ana from france. I would like to trek in the annapurna for at least 15 days. I like nature and take my time to observe it… I just arrived in katmandu… And would like to go to trekking in few days…you can answer me to If still interested ..


  2. Hi there Ana!
    I think 15 days is too long time for me. Im looking more at 7 or 8 days, but you seem decided and i hope you find someone who wants to go for a longer one 🙂

  3. Hello there.

    I am planning to start the Hellambu trek for six days on 05/05/2014. For more information have a look at this website:
    (Use this for information only, I do not plan on taking a guide or booking with this company.)

    Before i start I am going to a festival in patan on Saturday and Chitwan for a day early next week. PM me if you are interested in joining me or meeting up at some point tomorrow or Saturday to see if you fancy the trip.

    The hellembu trek

  4. Sorry, my plans have changed so i wont be able to go to Nepal. Enhoy your trekking though!