Nar-Phu Valley

Hey there,

I’m Bart and after remaining mostly at home for the better part of two years during Corona I felt the itch again and booked a flexible return ticket to Nepal from end of March until end of April.
I’m currently figuring out what my plans will be, and am looking at doing the Nar-Phu valley trek, with possibly Tilicho Lake / Annapurna Circuit added to it. Nar-Phu Valley requires a permit and I’ve been told you’ll need a minimum of 2 people on the permit. For that reason (and the reason that hiking together is more fun than alone!), I’m looking for a partner!

My plans are still very flexible, meaning I only have my flight set in stone. Ideally I’d like to do a shorter hike at the end of March/beginning of April, followed by a longer one (Nar-Phu Valley / Tilicho Lake).

Something about me: I’m 31 and would say my fitness is “average” – I cycle and climb every now and then. This will be my third time in Nepal. The first time I hiked the Annapurna Circuit with my girlfriend and the second time I hiked the Manaslu Circuit. For me, hiking is a littlebit about the physical activity, but mostly about enjoying the mountains, being outside and seeing other cultures and enjoying a different way of living.



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  1. Hi Bart, I’m interested in doing the Annapurna circuit, hopefully in about 11-12 days starting March 28th. Do you have any interest/schedule flexibility?

    • Hi Catherine, this is Pujan. Are you still planning your starting from March 28th?

    • Hi Catherine,
      Are you still planning to start your trip March 28th? Would match my plans perfectly. Have something similar in mind.

  2. Hi Catherine! My plans have slightly changed, I’m currently looking into doing the Gokyo trek.
    Your starting date would line up with me though, but I’m afraid 11 or 12 days would be a bit too short for me, I’d rather take the time (±20 days).

    • Hi Bart, have you left yet? I’m wanting to do Gokyo also