Nar Phu Region

Dear all,

Two years ago I did the Circuit for the first time and I was amazed. That’s why I am back. I am looking into the options to go to Nar Phu, a sidetrail from the circuit for around 7 days. It is a remote area with very old Tibetan villages, monasteries and not very much travelled. You go in that area from Koto and you can finish in Manang, which is further up the circuit trail. You need to do the Nar Phu region with a guide and I need at least one other person to join the group. The extra permit for Nar Phu is 75 dollars for one week.

I am very flexible with departing dates. And I enjoy taking time to visit villages, monasteries and enjoy the views. It would be great if you are like minded and have the wish to go in to Nar Phu as well. Hope to hear from you!



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