Nar Phu and Tilicho

I’m heading to Nepal for 6 weeks in April / May, and planning to do Manaslu trek and then continue on to Nar Phu, crossing Kang La to Manang and taking a side trip to Tilicho lake.
I’m open to doing this as a guide-only trip, (paying individual food / accom daily), or optionally as a fully supported camping trip (obviously at a much higher cost) to open up extra exploration options. If camping, one option would be to cross into Nar Phu from Kuchumro La and Yarcha La rather than the usual route from Koto to Nar.
As I’ll be coming from Manaslu, start date would need to be flexible give or take a day. I’m happy for trekking partners to do the whole 6 weeks with me, or join for just one section or the other.
If starting from Koto, the first day to Meta is a long day with a very large (1000m) altitude gain, so you would need to be pre-acclimatised to reduce your risk of AMS.
The usual Nar – Phu itinerary is only 6 days or so, I’m looking to add a few extra days to allow for side trips such as Himlung BC; also good to have a day in hand in case the weather is not so good for crossing Kang La to Ngawal and Manang.
I’m flexible regarding Tilicho Lake; if we have camping gear could spend longer around the lake, if not then would be a case of a day trip from Tilicho BC. Exit options are also flexible – could return to KTM from Manang, or continue on over Thorung La and fly from Jomsom.
If you are keen to explore this little-visited area of Nepal, drop me a note!
I already have an agency and guide organised.



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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I see you’ve put a start date as April 22nd.
    I’ll be coming from the East (as doing East to West along the GHT) so may be in the area around the same time.


    • Hi Craig,
      My start date is approximate only… I’m doing Manaslu / Tsum first, starting on April 1. Are you coming from Manaslu as well?

  2. hello Jennifer.
    im planning on the nar phu detour as part of a round anapurna trek but im afraid my dates are somewhat behind yours, mid may or so.
    do you mind sharing info about your guide arrangements? its my understanding that a minimum of 2 trekkers is obligatory just to get the permit. did you find a way around it?
    thanks, ariel.

    • Hi Ariel, I’m using an agency in Kathmandu; they are trying to find another trekker to join the trip ( this is one part of a longer trek for me). If all else fails, i will have to pay for a ghost permit.

  3. so a ghost permit is an option! great to hear that.
    thanks a lot Jennifer and have a lovely trek.