Nar pho and tilicho pass

Hey evrryone, im headed to hike the nar pho valley and then tilico pass ending in jomson. I plan to leave around the 2nd o third of december. The route will involve four passes above 5000 meters and while starting on the annapurna route will be much more remote and strenuous than the annapurna. The trek should take around 21 days. This will be my fifth hike in nepal, three passes twice, manaslu, kanchenjunga. Lookoing for one or ywo partners and i look forward to hearing from you. Oh yeah, i have a guide who ive used in the past. Hes a great guy and his wage is fair. Ok!



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  1. Hi John
    I also want to do the Nar Phu trek starting at Koto and then rejoining the Annapurna Circuit at Ngawal where I plan to leave the guide. I’ll then continue the Annapurna circuit myself.

    Obviously there need to be two trekkers and a guide in order for the permit to be issued so I’m just looking for another trekker who I can do the Nar Phu valley with


  2. Hey John, Hey Sam,

    … having a different trek in my list (Manaslu / Tsum Valley Trek) and I’d like to do it by myself with a guide. But I’m also having that permit issue.

    Might there be a chance that everyone of us gets on his trek of interest and we help each other out with suitable accredditations? (documents?)


    • when are you planning to leave ?

    • Hi Markus,
      You might have found a solution, if not: a passport of someone else is enough to get the permits (the guide will tell checkpoint-staff that your FRIEND got ill.
      I jyst returned from this trek, lodging near the pass will clise tosay or tomorrow..

      I look for someone Who likes to join me to Mardi Himal, short trek. So if you don’t find anyone…leaving 10 dec.