Naar Phu

Hello Trekkers. This is a (probably) last call for anyone to join me on a trip to the Naar and Phu Valley of the top of the AC and then go on to do the AC. (Before I run out of time)

This is a rare opportunity to do a trip less commercial than the AC. Plus side should be amazing culture and scenery.

Down side- will need additional restricted area permit (est. $120) and guide (about $25/ day between us) and one long day trek to get between lodges.
Just being up front.

Plan to only have the guide for the restricted area before moving on to AC and all the luxury it offers.

If I can’t get partners for Naar Phu, will just do AC and possibly ABC.

FYI. 3rd time Nepal. Just finished Manaslu and Tsum trek.
Now dying of bottom in Pokhara. Please someone, save me.

Date is flexible. Duration is anything from 10-20 ish days.sorry about photo. There is no bandwidth in Pokhara. ( why can’t I just use my member’s photo?)




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  1. Hi, if you are not gone already, I was thinking of doing the abc in two days but that’s probably very late for you? Anyways in case I would be happy to do it with you