mustang or dolpo or humla


My name is Manon and I am in love with Nepal.
I will be in Nepal from 7th of Juli 2015 till August 18.
I have already walked annapurna base camp and Mardi Himal.
This year i want to walk in a less touristic area and of course in the rain shadow of the mountains.
I am very flexible when we go (in those six weeks), how long we go, which trek we will do (I am thinking about Dolpo or Mustang or Tsum valley or Humla), how (guide or package), and we can talk about the costs also. I have got a maximum of 2500 euros.
I hope to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Manon, I too am interested in going on another Nepal trek this summer, preferably in the Mustang region with a porter but keeping it as low-cost as possible. Have you narrowed down your thoughts since you posted your trip?



    • Hi,

      No I am still open for everything. What are your plans?

      Kind regards,


    • I am interested in doing a trek with another people. I arrive at Katmandu at 7th july.

  2. Hey Manon,
    I’ve been looking into trekking mustang or dolpa as well. I’ll be ready to trek in the 3rd week of July. Have you made any plans yet?

  3. i still would like to walk upper mustang. i know a good agency named asian heritage in kathmandu. If you still would want to go we can talk specifics

  4. Hi, I have the same questions/ideas and am curious to hear where you’ve gotten with this and if you’re still looking/planning. As far as I know, Manaslu (Tsulm) is probably wrong for a summer trek, but Mustang and Dolpo are very doable then. I was looking to do the Dolpo and Mustang linked trek (although I could conceivably just do one or the other).

  5. Hi Manon.
    I’m trying to settle my vacation in the very last second here. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa is my to-do list, so I might be in Nepal next week.

  6. I am Estela from Spain. I will arrive to Katmandu 7 july until 12 august. I am interested in share every trek. I do not mine if the trek is the Annapurna. Mustang….

  7. Manon, how can I contact with you??? I would like to share a trek. I arrrive at 7 july at Katmandu.

  8. Hi folks, will be getting to KTM July 13th. Was going to do EBC trek and a bit of volunteer work. Due to monsoon, I am considering AC or Upper Mustang trek now. Would love to join a trek!

    • Hi! I arrive Katmandu 7th July. First, I colaborate as a volunteer with some asociations in Pokhara. I am interested in Mustang and Dolpo treks. You can contact with me.

  9. I’m here in KTM now and interested in potentially trekking Mustang or Dolpo – likely IN late July or early August, although I have flexibility – I would love to meet up to discuss teaming up as people arrive in country.

    • I will arrive at 6th july at katmandu. Some friends have recommended me an agency, Buddha Treks and Expeditions. First, I would like to colaborate with some asociations because the earthquake and after to do the trekking. But I have flexibility.

  10. Hi Manon! I’d like to trek to Mustang asap! I’m in kat now. Let me now when we could Leave 😉 Bastian from Switzerland