Munich – Venice


I got the crazy idea to hike through the Alps. I have the time frame – between 1.7.16 and 29.7.16. And I know that with my fitness I will need some rest days. So I won’t hike the full way. My current plan is to start in Bad Tölz (day 3 of the original trip, just before the mountains start) and hike with some rest days until roughly Bozen – so do the Alps but not the Dolomites.
I may want to do some rock climbing on my rest days.

As you may realize: I don’t really have well thought out plans. But I guarantue you a lot of fun on the trip 🙂 I do have some hiking experience from my year in New Zealand, but lack at the moment a bit of fitness. All my hiking friends keep telling me that will come quite quickly back (and I still have 4 weeks).

So – if you are interested in joining me – also part of the way – write me!




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