Mt. McKinley VIA West Buttress

Hello fellow Mountaineers,
An opportunity will come to the few who wish to do Mt. McKinley in 2016. I am starting to plan the broad details of this trip. It will essentially be about 3 weeks and consist of spending multiple days and each base camp. If you are interested I am looking for 1-3 more climbers that are or can be in shape in one year time to summit Mt. McKinley through the West Buttress. I plan to climb during the month of April. As this may not be the best choice as far as temperature, there tends to be higher pressure on the mountain which is essentially much lower wind conditions. I have set up a meeting place on may 9th for those who can join in for a more detail talk.I also plan to host multiple trips to Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney for those who would like to be apart of this expedition team. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask!



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