Mt. Kailash — anyone have any advice?

Does anyone plan to go to – or has been to – Mt. Kailash, Tibet over the course of the next couple years? It is one of the more restricted regions of Tibet and somewhat expensive, but I wonder what the options are in terms of arranging this. Would be grateful for anyone’s advice!

Hi Alex, I just posted a request re Kailash May 10-27. I tried last year Sept. (also from KTM) but no-go for various political reasons. Re current arrangements, best info I have from my KTM agent is that it’s open now, he just successfully sent a tour. All his tours are booked thru Lhasa & I understand the group-tour rule (min. 2 pax. same-nat.) applies wherever you go in Tibet outside Lhasa. And yes, it’s expensive, esp. for me as I’m used to trekking independently on a slim budget, but it’s the only way to go. It might be cheaper if you’re already in Tibet, but the situation is still so restrictive (for ex. EBC North is currently closed) that I decided just to try for Kailash from KTM again. … Thanks for the welcome to the site & hope we both get to Kailash someday!




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  1. Hi, i am planning a trip for next year between february and may and recently got a trip plan from a tibetien guide, the journey is almost 3 weeks including pilmigrate trekking but seems to be mostly sitting on butt in a jeep driving through nowwhere in Tibet.Anyway, i can forward you the info, i did not ask for the price yet.

  2. Hi Alex ,
    Regarding Mt Kailash Trek .I will info you latter , The cheapest way to enter is from Humla district and distance is also near .

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    Hi Rita – sorry for the late reply. would definitely be interested in your route and itinerary that you figure out.

    Padyatri, do you know of any restrictions for foreigners to enter Kailash via that route you mentioned? It’s probably easier for Nepalis/Indians than it is for us.

  4. Right, for me the only reasonable way is via Humla if foreigners can do that, specifically American….Chinese restrictions forced me to cancel my Tibet trip on the way to Nepal last yr and now frankly with the oppression, guns on every street corner in Lhasa etc I have no interest in trying that again, no interest in shuttling for days on a jeep from Lhasa to Mt. Kailash either…but local trekking in extreme NW Nepal and crossing to Mt K and doing a full walk around the mtn may be of interest. Roger

  5. We are three confirmed people heading on an 18 day Mt Kailash trek starting May 3rd, 2015. Currently looking for at least 1 more to ideally assemble a group of at least 4, in order to reduce the per person cost.

    We have already selected a Tibetan owned agency in Lhasa and have paid deposits to secure our commitment. Regardless of final number, we are committed to this epic trip but would definitely welcome additional persons to join up.

    My friend and myself are in our late 20’s/early 30’s, but we do not know the age of the 3rd traveller as he joined individually and separately online.

    Please feel free to contact me for futher details.