Mt. Elbrus Challenge (5 642mts/18,510ft.) Summit to the highest peak in Europe

Mt. Elbrus Challenge (5,642 m/18,510ft.)
A Summit to the highest peak in Europe
For a Cause

Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain in European continent and one of the prestigious 7 summits club (7 highest mountain of each 7 continents). Its West summit is 5642 m high and the East one is 21 m shorter – 5621 m. It is also one of the seven highest Volcanoes of the world.

Mt. Elbrus is situated between the Black and the Caspian Sea on territory of the Russian Federation, only 20 km from the Georgian border. Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano and the last explosion occurred about 2000 years ago. The two summits of Elbrus are in fact two craters of volcano where everywhere on its slopes you can see debris of solidified lava. Mt. Elbrus is a Non-Technical peak and there is no need to be a well-seasoned mountaineer for the summit attempt. Though it is a strenuous climb and will take dedication and perseverance to reach the top of the mountain.

Mt. Elbrus will give fantastic opportunity to learn and test your ice climbing and walking techniques from our world-class guides. We will take on the southern route, the most popular, easier and less technical one than northern route. You sleep at first in hotel then in the famous barrel hut. We will not carry our backpacks as there are ski lifts up to 3 800 m (Barrel hut). The northern route is more beautiful, there is much less traffic. Chances to climb are equal if one chooses southern route or the northern one.

The Biggest challenge on the mountain is the ‘Weather’ which could be very volatile on this mountain. During summers, temperatures while climbing can vary from + 20 in the valley (2 500 m) to +10 at 3 800m by day and -5 by night to – 25 on the top depending weather. Usually weather is very nasty during the afternoons that is why we have to start our descend no later than 2pm. Fogs are very common on this mountain and pose a great danger for the climbers as one cannot judge the direction in which they have to descend. It is easy to get lost or to fell into a crevasse if there is no experienced guide with you.



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    Prateek, are you guiding this trip? If so, you should sign up on the site as a guide…

    • Hey Alex! I am not guiding this trip ! We are hiring a local expert for the expedition ! I’ll register myself later this month after posting few more expeditions ! Thanks

    • Hey, Prateek.

      Your write-up is written from the point of view of the guide, so it’s a little confusing. Perhaps re-write it as a partner/client if you are not affiliated with the guide at all. If you are affiliated somehow, no problem; but please sign up as a guide…

      Either way – sounds like a great trip.