Mountain Self-Sufficiency Program

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Event: Mountain Self-Sufficiency Program

In this era, where every trekker thinks they need guides, porters, mules, cook and support staff, the ability to read a map and GPS, observing, doing things on your own and using own judgement has become a lost skill.

If you are fit and seek an alternative to expedition style trekking, we can show you modern tools and techniques for independent trekking.

Blue Bolt Project, in collaboration with Pranav Rawat, now offers a unique outdoor program for beginner and experienced hikers. You will learn and gain hands on practical experience in Mountain Safety, Modern Navigation, Camping Skills and Lightweight Backpacking – essential skills to explore the mountains on your own safely without guide, porters or support staff. Awaken the explorer within you!

Be prepared to be challenged and rewarded, more so mentally then physically. This program requires walking 22 km on moderate terrain and is open to physically fit adults.

Highlights of the program:-
Part A – Mountain Safety
Rope, knots and basic climbing skills; Acclimatization; Medicine & First-aid; Self Rescue; Survival

Part B – Modern Navigation
GPS, Map reading; Route planning; How to never get lost

Part C – Camping Skills
Food management; One Pot cooking; stay warm and dry with minimal equipment; Improvisation

Part D – Lightweight Backpacking
How to get average pack weight to 9 – 10 kgs (includes food, water, fuel, group and personal gear)

After completing the program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to plan and execute your own adventures. Start Exploring!

Program details
Location: Hamta valley & Prini Peak (4488m)
Dates: May 5th to 11th
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 6 days
Start/end: Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Max enrollment: 6 people
Cost: Rs 12000 or $200 per person

Blue Bolt Project
Blue Bolt is an alternative philosophy for exploring outdoors. In the prevailing culture of traditional expedition style trekking and mountaineering in the Himalayas, we advocate independent lightweight wilderness travel using new school methods.

Pranav Rawat – Mountain Self-Sufficiency
Pranav Rawat is one of the most technically sound mountaineers around. A UIAA certified alpine guide, wilderness medicine expert and, search and rescue guru, Pranav is disrupting and re-defining outdoor exploration in the Indian Himalayas.

For itinerary and details please contact on

“What makes this enterprise difficult but also riveting, is that independent exploration is a story and you don’t know where the story will lead but what you do know is that the story is about you.”



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