Mountain bike Nepal – Feb 2014


I am heading to Nepal with my bike for a month (from end of Jan to end of Feb), and would like to do 2 or 3 trips of 5 to 10 days each. I am hoping to travel independently, I have panniers for my bike and am an experienced mountain biker and general mountaineer. I have traveled and biked in Nepal before, and am an experienced traveler.

Still working on possible itineraries, but likely to do the following routes on my bike: 

  1. Helambu trek
  2. Langtang trek
  3. Annapurna circuit – although may only do half of it if the Throng La pass is looking snowy

I am also investigating hiring a guide.

I am incredibly flexible and can start the rides whenever really. I am also willing to consider other rides (e.g. Mustang), although I am less interested in the Kathamdu valley circuit (great ride but I have done it before)



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  1. Moderator

    Hi Nick,

    I had a friend who mountain biked in Nepal in November – here’s her post:

    She ended up doing a 5-day ride around the hills of Kathmandu valley. Said it was great but pretty narrow track at times and no other people.

    When you get to Kathmandu talk to Himalayan Single Track, they have an experienced crew working there that can offer good advice. But sounds like you’re well on your way so good luck!


  2. Hi Nick,

    i´m just also looking for MTB routes in Nepal – as an alternative to the Manaslu Circuit. I´m in Nepal from Feb 17th to March 16 th.
    Maybe we can plan a MTB tour at the end of you time from febr 18th to 27 th …
    ( i have to lend out a MTB in Kathmandu , but you should know i have no experience in high mountains – but thirst for adventure 🙂

    It would be nice to be back in Kathmandu for Shivaratri Festival on 27th.


  3. I have been looking into guides and they seem pretty reasonable, so think I am going to hire a guide.

    Route wise, I am thinking of doing the Annapurna circuit counter-clockwise from Besisahar in 13 days (9 days riding, 1 rest day, 2 days on bus, 1 day contingency), starting on 1st Feb, and finishing in Pokhara. Hopefully the Thorung Pass will not be too snowy! If it is, I will have to double back the way I will have rode in.

    This is a great blog of the route for those considering it, especially the video on the final page:

    After a few rest days in Pokhara, I am then considering doing the Langtrang trek in 8 days, leaving around Feb 16th to 18th.

    Drop me a message if you want more details