Mount Manaslu with Tsum Valley Trek – 22 days

Hello my name is Luke, I am 29 years old from Melbourne Australia.

I arrive in Kathmandu on the 15th of November and planning on trekking Mount Manaslu and Tsum Valley for 22 days from the 17th of November.

I am looking for trekking partners and a guide/porter.



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  1. Hey Luke, I’m Alessandro from Northern Italy, i was also looking for trekking partners for the Manaslu Trek, and Tsum valley looks also attractive to me. I’d be arriving too in Kathmandu the 15th of November so we could share the trek and the guide

    • Hey Alessandro, send me an email on and we can sort it out. I’ve found a guide that seems pretty good, includes everything bar food for around $700US

  2. Hi Luke and Allessandro, two of us looking for independent travel partners for the exact same trek you describe. Myself (U.S) and a Dutch guy. We want to pay a la carte to save as costs, but maybe will consider doing a package if the price is extremely good. Shalev