Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2018. Anyone interested?

I’m planning to hike Kilimanjaro through the Machame Route in late January or early February 2018.
I’m still looking into tour operators. So far, I have contacted Big Expeditions and Mar Tours.
Im traveling solo and would like to see if anyone out there want to team up?
My dates are flexible, and plan is not fixed yet.


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  1. Haha dude, you’re reading my mind. I might take you up on this but then again I may do Patagonia and then meet a friend from the Netherlands in Costa Rica afterwards for a rainforest tour. Are you simply going to Tanzania to summit Kilimanjaro or are you planning on doing some traveling within the region as well afterwards?


    • Great minds think alike 🙂
      I arrive on the 7th, start the hike on the 9th Feb and finish on the 15th, with Mar tours.
      I’m flying to Tanzania just for the mountain. Would love to stay longer to explore the country more but have to be across the globe for work.
      Is your plan fixed yet ? and when are you planning to summit?

  2. I am booked to arrive 30th Jan and leave 9 th Feb.looking to do 3 day Mount Meru followed by a 7 or 6 day Umbwe. Would consider one of the other less busy routes.

    • sounds great. what tour operator are you hiking with ?

  3. I have not settle on a company yet. I am waiting to see if anybody will join me before finalising. I might even leave the decision until I get there if nobody joins me.

    I hope you enjoy your trip.