Mount Kazbek from Stepantsminda via Betlemi Hut & Gergeti glacier

Looking for mountaineering partners with experience in the use of ice axe and crampons on icy snow slopes of up to 45° and glacier travel (roped up) on high altitude (4000 – 5000m). The plan is to do the summit of Mount Kazbek in Georgia this September.

Personal equipment needed (not included in the budget): crampons, ice axe, climbing harness, 2 screwgate locking carabiners, hiking boots, clothes and a sleeping system for handling low temperatures (down to -20°C)

I am an Estonian software developer, there will most likely be other people joining from different countries.


Day 1
Tbilisi → Stepantsminda. Stay for the night

Day 2
Stepantsminda → Betlemi Hut. Night in/near Betlemi hut

Day 3
Acclimatisation climb
Betlemi → Gergeti glacier → Ortsveri 4365m → Betlemi. Planning. Night in/near Betlemi hut
(alternatively, ascend to high camp and set up tents instead of Ortsveri)

Day 4
Betlemi → planning → High camp on the Gergeti glacier plateau at 4300m

Day 5
Betlemi → Gergeti glacier → Plateau → Saddle → Kazbek 5047m → back to Betlemi. Night in Betlemi

Day 6
Return to Stepantsminda → return to Tbilisi



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