Mount Everst Base Camp

I am planning to do the trip to the Mount Everst Base Camp around february/march 2019. I do not have a fixed date yet. At first I was planning to do the trip with a guide and a group. After some more research I am now planning to do the trip to the EBC without a guide, but with other adventures (young) people.

I do not have a travel scheme or something, mainly because it is like 10 months away. So the exact planning of the trip can be discussed and i am very flexible ;). Starting point can be either Kathmandu or Lukla.

Let’s introduce myself. I am Arnout Slomp, 21 years and a student in Groningen (the Netherlands). I’m hoping to graduate in february 2019. So after that I want to travel for 4/5 months. Firstly I want to travel to the EBC, after that i want to travel further through South East Asia. I like sports and music. I love the nature, adventures and outside activities. I like meeting new people to share these experenices. I hope to find some cool/nice/kind/adventures people that are like-minded and want to make this trip with me.

If you are Interested reply or send me a message. If you have questions or anything you can also reply or send me a message.

Feel free to ask everything you want to know about me or the trip.

Kind regards,

Arnout Slomp



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  1. Hi Arnout,
    Have you booked your flight?
    I will be available from 26th JAN to 15th FEB.
    Go and see my new post.
    It would be good to know that you are interested in my plan.

    Best regards, Irene

  2. Hey I would love to join you for EBC . Did you fix your dates as yet?

  3. Hey! I am also going around the same date!
    When are you reaching Kathmandu? I would love to join you.

  4. Hii do you have anything planned yet?