Mount Everest Base Camp

Solo traveller landing in Nepal on the 6th Nov.
Goal is to start the trek on the 7th Nov. Looking to meet some like minded people who may also be solo travelling! Doesn’t hurt to have a buddy for a long trek! I have already booked a guide to trek with but would love some company! Honestly my plans are pretty flexible!

I’ll spend a couple of days in Kathmandu after the trek to get a real feel of the country would really like to spend some time with the locals and learn about the culture and ways of living. Would love to stay longer but unfortunately… don’t have that much leave!



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  1. Hi Krystal,
    I am 50 years old Japanese and arrive in Kathmandu on Nov. 2nd.
    I will leave Kathmandu on Nov 25th. I have three weeks in Nepal.
    I am interested in EBC and Gokyo trek.
    I went to ABC in 2016, Annapurna Circuit in 2017 and Langtang in last May. I am in good shape. However I cannot walk as fast as people in their 20’s.
    Please let me know if you are interested in trekking with me.

    • Hi Taeko,
      Lovely to meet you! I’m not in a rush at all to hike as quickly as possible. I probably can’t even walk that fast myself!
      I’d like to trek with you, are you planning on booking the trek with a guide or doing it by yourself?

  2. Hi Krystal,
    I am sorry but I cannot trek to Everest with you.
    After I posted my response, I changed my mind and decided to trek Ruby Valley. I hope you find nice trekking partners and enjoy Everest trek.

  3. Hi Crystal, this is Benny from Hong Kong , I am landing on 2nd Nov and planning to do the EBC on 3rd /4th , my return flight will be on 19th . I am also looking for buddies with similar schedule . I prefer to do it with solo/small group trekkers , don’t mind to take a guide for safety purpose . Please feel free to drop me an email for further discussion .

  4. Hi Benny,
    Lovely to meet you! I don’t think our dates match as I arrive on the 6th November and will begin trekking on on the 7th/8th November. Still more than happy for you to join! I have booked a guide and accom with a company my friend used last year and recommended

    • Hi Krystal ,
      I would like to have some companies too. ButI can’t join u this time , I will start trekking on 28/10 from jiri . Will arrive Lukla on 3rd. So a few days ahead of your schedule. Anyway ,wish you a happy journey !

  5. Hey! I’m traveling solo from the US! I’m also looking for some company and a guide too! I should be in Nepal the 5/6th. I’m also planning to stay in Nepal after the trekk to explore a bit and learn about the culture. I’m really flexible with everything! Let me know if you are interested in trekking with me! 🙂

    • Hey Manasa! Nice to meet you. I’ve already found a company which my friend used earlier this year with his partner. I arrive in Kath on 6th Nov and will be flying out from Kath -> Luka to begin the trek to EBC. Would honestly really love to have some company as I’m still currently doing this trek solo. Happy to share details with you if the timing sits well with you? We should arrive back in Kath on Nov 21st and i’m planning to relax and explore Kath for a few days after that before flying home 🙂

  6. Hi Krystal,
    would you be willing to do the 3 passes trek at that time instead?

    • Hi anja. Sorry but I have booked the ECB trek!

  7. Hi Krystal. Are you still looking for others to join you on this trek? And would the guide service cost $800 per person? My dates and plans are flexible, as I am currently looking for others to trek with instead of going completely solo. I look forward to hearing from you. Aimee

    • Hi! I have found a fellow solo trekkers to do this with but you are more than welcome to join! We will leave kath on 7nov and return 21st Nov once completed! 🙂 we are paying similar to that amount or a bit higher