Montana, Idaho, Wyoming USA

Hi, I am planning to do a road trip from the NYC metro area to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I plan to visit the following national parks, including: Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, Devils Tower Monument, and as many others as we can hit along the way. Some of the things I want to do: Visit a hotspring, Dance in a genuine country western dance hall, visit a ghost town, pan for Gold in North West Montana, Visit some waterfalls, Climb to the top of the Tetons (1 day strenuous hiking trip) At least 2 other day hikes. (I enjoy 8-10 mile hikes) I enjoy swimming. I’m doing this on the cheap. I’m looking for travel companions, male or female. I hope to stay in youth hostels at least one or 2 nights, some of it will be boondocking, BLM lands, and national park campgrounds. Some of it will be KOA campgrounds. I will be travelling more on the “roughing it” side. I’m hoping to get at least one companion, and up to 3. depending. You MUST be able to meet me before the trip so I can see if our personality and preferences will mesh, as this trip will be 9 days long. We will probably do a hike together before we go out west. While I have listed a budget of $500, suggest you figure around $1,000. Not that we are intent on spending it all! (just in case money). All expenses will be shared, gas, tolls, lodging food, park admissions, etc… June 27th thru July 5th. Please note: I’m an experienced hike leader for a group on I’ve been leading hiking groups in the NYC metro area for 6 years. I’m not doing this for profit, just travel partners, and to share some expenses and maybe stretch my buck and do more! It would be nice if we have a mix of M/F on this trip, but if it ends up being an all guys trip, that could be wild and fun too. I’m not an alcoholic, but I do drink beer and wine. I am looking for NON-Smokers only! I don’t do drugs! So no stoners or druggies please. I like rock, pop, metal, and country music. You can bring whatever music you enjoy on the trip. I’m pretty open on that. Also, I am a conservative driver, I am not looking to rack up a bunch of tickets or do the cannonball run. I want to get there in one piece! I am looking forward to meeting you and I am very excited about this trip! Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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