Mont Blanc


I’m looking for a partner/partners to climb Mont Blanc in July 2016. The idea is to share guide’s fees. We’d also need a guide for two additional days to practice with crampons and ice axe.

I can also join a group if you are all set.

Please let me know if interested.




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  1. Hi Maria, Mont Blanc sounds great! I would be really into it. Are you still up to?


  2. Hi Aliocha,

    Yeah, I’d love to do it in August. Haven’t contacted any guides yet. What’s your availability like?

  3. Hi Maria,

    I would be interested in sharing the guide costs to climb Mount Blanc.

    My availability in August is flexible.

    Have you made any further progress with your plans?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Ally,

      We are in the process of confirming a guide & dates. But there are two of us now. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get a guide between 3 people?
      Best regards,