Mont Blanc – The Alps

Planning to attempt to summit Mont Blanc ( with a guide ) from June 23 – June 27, 2016. Looking for someone to split guide cost ~ $750 euros ( includes 3 days with a guide, and she is great!)



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  1. Hi Janna, are you still looking to do tour du Mont Blanc this summer?

    • Hi Emili!
      Yes I am! Let me know if you are interested and we can go over the details! it is coming soon and i am pretty excited about it!

  2. Hi Janna,

    I was thinking of climbing Mont Blanc this summer too. I have some basic crampon skills from glacier walking but I never used an ice axe properly. Will you guide do some training before heading to the summit? I checked and most of the guided tours do a 2-day training.

    • Hi maria – yes my guide with help with some basic techniques and acclamation – i will be getting to chamonix on 24th, and do that…
      attempt to summit will be 26, 27 and come down on 28th

  3. Thanks! which route will you be taking? Is it Goûter? which is not too technical. I can get to Chamonix on 24th too. Do you think 2 days will be enough to acclimatise ? Also, what will be the total price per person ? Cheers

    • Hi Maria – that is the route i am planning on doing – and i am doing 2 days acclamation prior to the summit (I am planning on doing Albert 1er (2707 mts on 24th and 25th ) we will start on 26th from chamonix

    • The cost per person for the guide + lodge come about ~$800dlls for the 3 days – this doesn’t include any extra days with our guide so if you want to acclimatize and get some experience with crampons we could ask my guide how much would that be for her to be with us on the 24 and 25th prior to the summit

  4. Sorry I was waiting for a friend of mine to confirm if she could join me. Can you ask the guide how much it will cost to get some experience with ice axe and crampons prior to the accent? Many thanks!

    • it will be another $300 extra per person – so i would have to pay that as well, but then she would be with us for full 5 days and help with techniques, etc.

  5. prior to the ascent 🙂

  6. Thanks! Are you interested in doing these extra days of training? Or you don’t really need it.

  7. Hey guys! Great thread here.

    I’m planning on doing the MTB trek (7-8 days) in mid to late June and then attempt the summit of Mont Blanc on similar dates as yours. I didn’t realize how expensive it is to climb with guides so I’m also looking to join a group so we can split the cost.

    Janna, do you know if your guide will take more than two people? It seems like you and Maria are set as partners and I know from past experience that some guides won’t put more than two people per group.

    About me: I have moderate experience climbing in the Andes, mostly in Ecuador where I grew up, so high altitude won’t be an issue. I keep myself trained for triathlons so fitness level is there, but no prior experience with crampons or ice is my weakness right now…


    • Hey Pablo,

      Did you find someone already? Looks like Janna already has someone and I don’t think the guide will take more than 3 people. I’m still waiting for a confirmation.

    • Hey Maria! Thanks for replying.

      No, I haven’t figured this out yet. I’m leaving myself a few days open so I can quickly piggy back onto some groups once I’m in Chamonix. I’m hoping I won’t be the only solo climber looking for groups and guides.

      I’m planning to b inn the Chamonix area between June 20th and 30th to do the summit as well as the trek. It’s a bit tight in schedule but open to staying a few more days if necessary.

  8. Hey, any update on this ?

    • sorry for the delay i was waiting for my guide to answer… and sadly she said that she wants to take only 2 people at once! sorry maria! but you could joining us ( me and eileen ) for jun 24-25 to do albert and then on 30 we will start TMB!!!

  9. thanks for the confirmation janna. I’m only planning to summit Mont Blanc. Will have to join a group then.