Monsoon Trek

Hey there. I am heading out to Nepal solo in a few days. I’ll be sitting a meditation course outside Kathmandu, then heading out to trek for roughly 18 days beginning on July 14th. I would like to get to the drier areas closer to Tibet, but have discovered that these restricted areas require a guide and a party of at least two people.

I’m hoping to connect with one or a couple people who share similar goals. I’m flexible on where we head, but my dates are fixed leaving kathmandu july 14th and returning to Kathmandu on the 31st. It would be nice to split the cost of a guide. I am an experienced backpacker, but would probably hire a guide as it is monsoon season and the threat of landslides suggests that it would be wise to have an experienced local. I’m planning to travel pretty light (no camping gear), stay in teahouses, and avoid hiring a porter in addition to a guide.

Let me know if you’d like to talk about linking up to adventure. E-mail is best at

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  1. Hey Collin

    Did you also attend the 10 day course at Kopan?:)

    I’m also interested in going for a monsoon trek around that date as I was planning to go to Manang Valley. I’ve always wanted to go to Upper Mustang, but my budget is a bit tight and I hear it is quite expensive trip. Do you know the prices for permits, cost of stays and guides for that whole trip?

    A bit about me; I’m from Denmark, 31 and also an experienced trekker and nature lover. Been doing some different kinds of trek and hikes in Norway, Indonesia and Nepal – Langtang. Daytreks, nighttreks, camping, heat, snow, lodging, monsoon heavy rains, desert…. I’m up for any kind. The highest altitude I’ve been up is 3700 m.

    My plan was to go to Manang, but I’m really flexible and nothing is fixed yet for me because I want to find ppl to join and just ask around what others do here in the monsoon time in Nepal..