Mohare Danda, Khopra Danda, ABC, Mardi Himal

I am arriving in Kathmandu on wednesday the 20th of Dec and after sorting my permits and gear out plan to head to Pokhara and start trekking on this route for 15-20 days. I am going alone so would not mind some company on the trails. Let me know if you are interested in walking together for some parts. My plans are flexible and I intend to take it pretty easy.

– Rasmus



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  1. Hyvää iltaa Rasmus :). I’m in Kathmandu at the moment and check out from my hotel on Saturday the 23rd. Your plan sounds really good to me. And i’m interested to join you. you are planning to leave from Kathmandu on the 23rd right? First to Pokhara I guess? By bus? Would you also like to stay there for a day or two? Should be a beautiful city.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Bennet! Thank you for your reply. I will leave to Pokahra tomorrow on bus early in the morning. How about you? I was planning to leave from Pokhara on sunday or monday but my dates are flexible. Would you like to meet up tonight in Kathmandu or in Pokhara tomorrow and discuss our plans?

  2. Hey Rasmus, I‘m also planning to leave tomorrow morning from kathmandu to Pokhara with greenline busses. You too? I would like to stay there 2 nights and hit the trek on Monday then. We can meet today in Kathmandu or if you take the same bus tomorrow morning :). This should be my Nepalese number: +9779803580722 or if you want to add me on WhatsApp take my Dutch number: 0031642556126. otherwise you can text to me on Facebook. Bennet Dobrick is my name.