Mohare Danda

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a trekking partner for the Mohare Danda trek out of Pokhara Nepal. Mohare Danda is known to be a less crowded alternative to the commonly known Poon Hill trek, with the same (if not better) stunning views. I’m hoping I can convince someone who was thinking of going to Poon Hill to join me on a different adventure!

Because Mohare Danda is lesser-known it is a bit trickier to do independently, so I’m also hoping to find some company to share the cost of a guide.

The basic itinerary is as follows:

April 15: Pokhara to Baskharka (approx. 3 hours on public bus, followed by 3 hours trekking)

April 16: Baskharka to Nangi (approx 6 hours trekking)

April 17: Nangi to Mohare Danda (approx 6 hours trekking)

April 18: Mohare Danda to Tikot (approx 6 hours trekking)

April 19: Tikot to Pokhara (approx. 3 trekking, followed by 5 hours on public bus)

(visit to review the itinerary I hope to follow)

If what I’ve read is correct, with this itinerary there is no need for an ANCAP card although TIMS will be required.

I’m a young Canadian currently living in Malaysia with a fair amount of hiking experience in Canada and overseas (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Nicaragua, China and many more!). I’m a fairly easy-going person, enjoy reading, travelling, and good conversations (although there’s something to be said for nothing but peace, quiet and a good view!). Open to male or female trekking partners of any age (although of a reasonable level of fitness). Hoping to keep costs low (somewhere between mid-range and shoestring) hence the public bus, but willing to spend a little extra where needed.

I’m visiting Nepal on a quick holiday from Malaysia so the trek dates are quite firm. No guide confirmed yet – if I don’t have any luck finding someone online, the plan is to try and pick up a guide in Pokhara on April 14th.

Get in touch if you are interested!



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