millenium trekk lower budget/pokhara


after trekking trough a while Im (female, 36) up to do another trekk in the southeast part of pokhara, just bout 4 hours drive frim pokhara, called the millenium trek.
after a great experience with a female guide of three sisters adventure trek I would like to get one again! mebe its possible to get baghati again;)
so Im looking for 2 or 3 people more to do a 5-10 day trek there.
there will be homestays& local food and lots of cultural. the walks are around 4-6 hours a day, the height will be round 1500m. still cosy& warm enough during the day!
the female guide is bout 34 dollars a day (divided the amount of person we are) add homestay, food& journey. thats between 10-30 dollars a day.

you wanna join! think its gonna be great& still very local

namaste, philomena



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