Mera Peak thro EBC/Island Peak & Amphu Labsta

Hi Everyone,

We are hoping to climb Mera Peak starting October 2013 and looking for at least 2 others to join. We hope to go thro EBC and Island Peak which would have acclimatised us well by the time we come to Mera Peak. We are not vastly experienced ourselves and have the services of a good guide that’s familiar with this route at a reasonable price. If any one is interested please do write in to find out more details.

Even if you want to join us for the EBC/Island Peak stretch only you are most welcome.



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  1. Hi, I was hoping to travel to EBC in October 2013. Nothing confirmed yet . My intention is to trek to EBC without a guide or porter. Would that intesest you? My itinerary is very much what can be found online or Wikipedia. However, I would like to climb Mera and Island Peaks, which will require a guide.

    Looking forward to hearing from you



  2. Hi Dipesh,
    Great to hear from you. There are 3 of us at present and you are welcome to join us. From EBC, we hope to head to Chukung and climb Island Peak. As you rightly said, you require a permit and guide for Island Peak. If you are interested let me know and I will send you more details.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi again, would you happen to have a price for the guide, if so what is the name of the company please? Also I may know one or two other people interested in the journey. Would they be able to join? Finally where are you coming from as I would need to book my flights to coincide yours. I will be traveling to and from the UK



  4. Hi Dipesh,
    Thanks for a quick response. The 3 of us are arriving on or around the dates I’ve indicated. If you don’t mind, could you please write to the email address and I’ll give you more details. Alternatively, you could give me an email address and I’ll be happy to write to you giving details.

    Warm regards