Mera Peak or lobuche

hello my name is alex and i looking for a paretners(max 3 4 peapols)to do mera peak trekking.
start from ktm first week of october from ktm to phaplu by jeep and back from lukla.
i m open also a differents trekking in Everest region.i did mera last year but wheater no goos and i decide to come back again and climb it.also i like combinate amphu lapsa pass and back from Everest regions…



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  1. Hi Alex, My name is Uttam. I’d like a little more Info on your plan for Mera peak. What time of the year did you attempt Mera last year? I’m thinking of going to Nepal in May 2020 and would like to know about your experience with Mera, Pricing etc. All help and info is appreciated.

  2. Hi Uttam…I did last year mera trekking in October/November but I didn’t climb because wheather was no good.i started from phaplu from ktm by Jeep…mera trek are nice but not really nice until you are close to mera glacier.very different from Everest side.lodge are ok sometimes confotebol sometimes normal…power in all internet line…sometime working.if u compare mera trekking are not so expensive like Annapurna,Everest or lantang..30€ a day are good.untill high camp the way are not so difficult go up gradually.
    This time I whant cross amphu laspsa pass and reach chumkung so I. M looking for 2 3 peapols to organize this trek.if u need more info I give u my e mail.

  3. HI Alex,

    Thanks for the info. I’m trying to decide whether I should do Mera Peak solo until Khare or should I book an agency from Kathmandu itself. Any thoughts? Cheers

  4. Hi Alex
    I’m hoping to do ama dablam in oct 2021 if you’re interested. I’m looking for 1-2 others.

  5. Hi darragh
    Ama dablam are too technical and not so easy for my experience…mera or Lobuche are ok but ama dablam whiteout good experience like me u can’t do it…

  6. Hi Alex,
    I’m interested in Mera Peak for this autumn season. My plans are going in October or November, so I could manage to join you in case. The only issue we have by now is that today I have received a mail notifying that government of Nepal has suspended visa-on-arrival for 8 countries, including Italy and Spain, from today to further notice due to the coronavirus. So we have to be aware and wait this hysteria goes by. Anyway, I’m still interested and also have a friend who is interested in coming back to Khumbu region. I’ll be very attentive to this issue and any update.
    I’ve copied your email, this is mine:
    Keep in touch

  7. hi hector
    i answer u on e mail….fom now i really don t know what happen for the future..i cancel at the moment every activity becouse i lost my job and money(i live on sea side and i work whit tourism)and after this shok will see how is the viallage have many infections and it s not good for a tourist place..but inside i keep a dream to come back again in nepal for climb mera peak…we keep in touch if the situations change..

  8. Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is safe. Just wanted to reach out & share a though of Mera Peak in March 2021. Anyone interested let me know here. Offcourse, everything depends on what the situation is by then but lets keep dreaming about our travels & hiking. Cheers